Saturday, April 02, 2011

Fine Find: Urn Lamps for the Master Bedroom

I've been hunting for urn-shaped lamps for my bedside tables. I had a pair picked out online but they were so expensive that I simply couldn't justify buying them.

And then I made a serendipitous find at a home decor store the other day! I love unexpected finds. Here is my bedside table with one of the new lamps:
Wall colour: Benjamin Moore "White Down" OC-131, drapes custom

They came with a really ugly square shade and I almost looked right past them! I promptly replaced the shade with white silk English barrel shades, which were more expensive than the lamps!

The lamps look like carved wood but are made of resin (i.e. fake, sorry). I think they are nice replicas however. I love the little leaf detail at the bottom:

In the photo below, I turned on the lamp to show you how bright white the shades are. I love a crisp white shade in this north-facing room. The little framed print on the wall is a favorite of mine, called "Swan Rush and Iris" by Arts & Craft-era artist Walter Crane.
My bedside table is the first antique furniture I ever bought, at a store called Wisteria, back in 1991 as a student at McGill in Montreal.

Here is the other (mismatched!) side of the bed. I have a custom hand-built Mission style bed (below) which I bought many years ago after I started working (along with a matching high boy). It doesn't perfectly align with my new decor tastes, but is a really nice piece of furniture. Some day I may move it to a spare room.

The little lamp is classical, but I think it all looks fine together and adds some softness to the rectilinear lines of the bed. I am looking for a good antique table to replace the old country table we have here:
Redwing and Medalta No.2 pottery from my collection

Talk about mixed styles! My romantic bedding is "Rossini" by St-Geneve and is 100% Giza Egyptian cotton, woven in Italy and made in Canada. It is gorgeous. It was also a first decor purchase before I really had my colours worked out. But luckily it is historical and suits my style, if not my current pale-neutral colour palette!

I recently moved my beloved blue Al Barker seascape painting as I think it looks nice with the orange:

This room is proof that you can mix and match styles and incorporate new things you prefer now with old things you bought before you knew what you were doing!


  1. Love them, Terri. I don't think you can get more classic than an urn shape. I can't believe those would have come with square shade. I think everything works beautifully together. I love the bedding. Even with a pale neutral palette, it's nice to have a little warm color in the bedroom.

    Love the painting paired with the little bird statue!

    If we don't "talk," I hope you have a wonderful trip!

  2. The room looks beautiful and, as the so-called experts say, it appears to have been brought together over time, which you're telling us is indeed true. Your lamps were a marvelous find at what I'm hoping was a fraction of the cost...a classic, clean design. I like the pop of color in your beautiful bedding.

  3. I love the detail of your new urn lamps! Like Vee, I appreciate that your room has come together over time, and reflects who you are now, as well as who you have been over the past 20 years.

    A different shade can really change the look of a lamp, can't it?

  4. hi terri,

    loving the lamps. they are so you. and your bedding is to die for. it looks so regal! really, really pretty. and you are right, if you love it, then it all works.


  5. Love these lamps - they do look like wood! I'm a fan of mismatched bedside tables and love the warm wood of yours.

  6. Terri, You mentioned that you bought your antique bedside table at Wisteria. Is that the same as the (which I adore browsing online?)

    Which store in Calgary did you find your lamps (maybe I glossed over it)? I'll have to check it out when we come visit in a few more months.

    Take care.

  7. I love your style and those lamps were a great buy. Changing out the shades can make an inexpensive lamp look so much better.