Saturday, March 19, 2011

Home Office: Colour Inspiration

The new drapes arrived today for my office. They are this colour:
I will keep the office walls blue for now (out of laziness and the volume of other projects demanding my attention). Eventually I think I will paint the office walls a nice white or antique white. I have been thinking about *accent* colours. I have to reupholster a chair (likely in a grey-brown, like the drapes) but think it might be nice to add soft pretty accent colours, perhaps through art.

I am inspired by the colours and imagery in these prints, from my files:
Odilon Redon (above)

Source N/A (above two)

I think the springlike imagery is so inspiring, but in a watery muted palette that I love. I don't think I will ever have bold, bright colours in my house in any serious way (maybe flowers...)

I am always drawn to weathered, worn looking things. I wonder why this is?
(baby, I was born this way).

What do you love that is inexplicable...?


  1. All things tattered and worn combined with deep colors.

    Your prints are so lovely that they certainly could inspire an entire room or an entire home.

    Have a wonderful weekend, Terri!

  2. Hi!

    I love all the photos you find of lovely rooms! Very inspiring!

    I think your colors are perfect, I don't think I will ever go for too bright colors either! I love how the nuances combine in your home to create a fabulous combination!

    I like the prints, especially the two with butterflies! Very somber and calm :)

    Hope all is well with you and that spring is arriving!

    All the best!


  3. I think that will look great. And if you decide to paint the walls later on, everything will still work. I love the butterflies which is weird because I'm not a butterfly kind of person.

  4. absolutely beautiful fabric, T. and the inspiration pieces are so you; lovely, water-colored and muted. I think we 'old souls', no matter how young we are, are always drawn to well-loved and well-worn things...


  5. Those are great curtains, I have the white in my bedroom, but I love the gray you picked. BTW, Happy Birthday!

  6. Your curtains are a great choice, Terri and I love the soft colors from you inspiration prints!

  7. Very pretty with the blue walls. Maybe it will grow on you and you won't need to repaint.

  8. Terri~

    That linen is heavenly! I love the direction your going.. so inspiring and soothing! I love those colors.

    Sending you hugs!