Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New Victorian: Amazing Office Decor

I just returned from a lovely and rejuvenating trip to Victoria (hence the play on words in this post's title)!

Despite the fact that my infinitely-irritating headaches and back pain persisted and didn't relent until Sunday (four days into my trip), I had a wonderful time. I ate and ate. I walked and walked. I had breakfast (bacon, orange juice!) and a facial with my marvellous aunt. I had a massage. We ate French food. We ate local, organic food. I ate chocolate creams. We ate Indian food that M. made. We ate pizza and walked in the park and looked at the ocean. I shopped for antiques and tested sofas. I bought an antique etching. We shopped for books. We talked and talked! My back ached and I took a hot bath in epsom salts. I iced my aching neck. I walked more. I came home weary and rested in my quiet room. I savoured the west coast weather (chilly but green!). I watched cherry blossoms and crocuses unfurl. I had a great break!

What I wanted to share first is my friend M.'s apartment wall, where she displays some of her portrait postcards. This is just a fraction of her 5000 card collection. M. and her hubby I. share a lovely, brightly-lit, airy space with amazing views over the city and park below. I love their apartment, which is small and comfortable and inviting (and smells good) and always has something good to read, and is filled with character (plus, she has a zero-gravity chair that my back needs).

M. can tell you who almost everyone on this wall is:

Besides postcards, she has heaps of books too, all of which she devours. She is very clever. If that isn't enough, she's learning Italian (and ballroom dancing)!:

As you look closer, you become engrossed in the individual cards. They are so absorbing as you start to recognize faces (and can't remember names...)

If you don't know who they are, you are encouraged to pull them off the wall and read the back (and remind everyone):

I love the juxtaposition of the beautiful and the brilliant, the young and the old, the witty and the wise and the well-built. And the just-plain talented:

I love this wall and think it's a fabulous decor idea for your office. That is...if you don't mind spending twenty years collecting and (gradually) spending thousands of dollars...!
You should see her other postcards...famous people are just the beginning!

Thanks M. for letting me photograph your collection (and for being you)!


  1. Sounds like a devine time, I'm back too, learned lots.
    Sorry you are in so much pain, so wish I had a magic wand...
    Loved our coffee together, would love to do it again when your up to it. Regards, Carol Ann x

  2. Oh my I forgot to mention how much I love your friends postcard display, amazing amazing....

  3. This is amazing.
    What a wonderful space and what an intriguing friend.
    I really admire her joie de vie and style.

    Thank you for sharing this corner of her world and the close ups too.

    Felicity x

  4. This apt. of you friend is so incredibly interesting! I've just gone back for a look to catch up on your last few posts and the office is looking so good and so glad you enjoyed some time away.

    I think for your health, keep the contrast really low(speaking as a fellow migraine sufferer, but not even close to your extent)and continue with the serene colors. Maybe just one large picture of a "victorian" man or women would give you the desired effect?

  5. Four days before the pain subsided? Did the facial and massage help with pain?

    Now I just love this wall and I saw Marilyn and Mr. Bojangles, and Orson Welles, and... What fun!

    Would you believe that I'm in the market for a new sofa and a new bed? I am hoping that I can relieve some back pain myself.

  6. How does she post the post cards? They don't look framed. A great collection.

  7. What a fantastic collection! You visited Victoria at just the right time. Today the city is shut down due to snow!

  8. I'm sorry to hear about your pain but very happy that you still had a great time! That collection is amazing:0)

  9. Hi Terri - I'm glad you had so much fun, but sorry to hear about your back and headaches. Your friend's wall of post cards is amazing! Visitors must have a hard time leaving the room.

  10. a good break can do miracles, really. different surroundings and new inspiration.
    glad you had a good time!

  11. terri, i love this. so cool and personal. i'm gonna email this link to my son, he's gonna love it too.


  12. so glad you came for a visit and dinner in our cosy and cluttered little apartment! wow, did we eat some fine food! (especially at camille's!)

    you are great company, and i am thrilled you came out to victoria. also i am honoured that you web-logged about my postcard wall.

    they are stuck to the wall with 'blu tack', and sometimes get free and need to be re-attached, but i like that i don't have to destroy the wall to put them up.

    nice to know your readers enjoyed them,

    m in victoria

  13. On HER wall it looks fantastic. So artistic.

    On MINE I fear it would be more "postcards 10 cents!" or "welcome to my rummage sale."

    Love your blog!