Monday, December 06, 2010

Christmas Beginnings...

The Christmas decorating has begun!

Things are off to a slower-than-usual start as I've been under the weather and work is a madhouse with project completion. But here is my first report from the decorating front.

My new pine cone wreath went up on the big mirror in our living room. It is glittery and there are sparkles everywhere asunder:
The tree arrived and remains unadorned on its felt pad. The tree is a Fraser Fir and is narrower than usual, but I like its svelte lines. It will be dense with ornaments soon. And I have a glorious new linen tree skirt I cannot wait to show you!
Storage bins have arrived in the living room, full of goodness. All of my Christmas things fit in these two bins plus a separate box for tree ornaments:
The faux boxwood wreath has reappeared on my china cabinet. I love wreaths atop glass or mirror:
Sideboard decorating has only just begun with one strand of glittery beads atop the mirror and our first Christmas card (a musical one which plays "Silent Night"):
I salvaged this ceramic Christmas tree from my Grandmother's house after she went to the nursing home. The house had been substantially cleared out by my aunts, so I was surprised to see it there waiting just for me! She always had this lit at Christmastime. Its brightly-coloured lights reminded me of candy when I was a little girl:
And last but not least, the true meaning of Christmas...

Each year, David and I join hundreds of other Calgarians to provide Christmas gifts for seniors through the Secret Santa organization. We are given the name, age and gift suggestions for two isolated seniors and must do all our shopping in November. Packaging up our gifts is always a touching event, as we include their names on the bags and a list of contents. On Christmas day, staff members at nursing homes and assisted living centres around town will help our seniors open their gifts "from Santa" (ho ho ho):
Every year my seniors get a soft Christmas ornament on their bag:
Hope your Christmas season is off to a glorious start...!


  1. Oh Terri, your decorations are so fresh and understated. It makes me want to take down my gobs of glitter and flashiness.

    With that said - I also love your Secret Santa tradition. What a beautiful way to serve your community.

    In fact, one of my dear friends told me that she is doing a Service Advent Calendar with her 7 year old daughter. Can you imagine? One act of service each day until Christmas. They've helped with library book repairs, food bank sorting, and card-making for terminally ill children.

    No better way to celebrate the season.

    Happy happy to you.

  2. hi terri,

    everything is so pretty as expected. it's hard to believe that the contents of 2 full storage containers are going to make it into your house. can't wait to see it done.


    ps ~ what a wonderful way to help the seniors in your community. they really are the forgotten generation.

  3. I knew from reading your blog and viewing your beautiful home that you would have the most elegant Christmas decor around. And I wasn't wrong.

    Your Secret Santa project has made me want to find out what I can do here in the city where I live. Thank you.

  4. your tree is so nice. I bet the smell is amazing! Cant wait to see what comes out of the boxes Terri.

    ...and what a lovely gesture to look after the elderly at Christmas, usually secret santas are for kids, but I dont see why the elderly should miss out.
    Ness xx

  5. It is already beautiful, Terri, and I love your restraint. Less is most definitely more.

    Happy Secret Santa!

  6. Anonymous7:08 am

    very nice secret Santa tradition and a truly meaningful way to celebrate this season of love and hope. Your little ceramic tree! My grandmother had one too! I (hope) my mom still has it somewhere because I would love to have it one day.

    Your wreaths and sparkly garlands are so pretty.

    Happy decorating!

  7. Terri, the look has changed here...very nice. It's always fun to see your Christmas getting set up. The tree is darling and just the right size, don't you think? It's going to be beautiful all dressed and with its new linen skirt. Love the way you place wreaths over mirrors and on glass...just perfect! And that gingerbread ornament is way darling. Hope that you are on the mend, my dear, and that the project at work is completed and that life settles to a duller roar at this wonderful season.

  8. Hi Terri Star!

    Ohhh I love your new header and your box wood wreath! I can't wait to see your decorations all up :)

    Thank you for coming by and leaving your favorite Christmas memory for my giveaway. I really enjoyed reading it! I always loved the stocking too! :)

    I hope you love your hair cut.. aveda always does wonders leaving you feeling like a queen~~ I'm sure you look beautiful!

    Lots of love,

  9. Terri everything looks beautiful! I especially love that first photo of your tree and the sunlight reflected in the mirror.

    Happy holidays my friend.

  10. hi Terri,
    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! And my Mom has the very same ceramic Christmas tree! It brings back such fond memories of childhood.
    Happy holidays to you!

  11. Hi Terri,

    I have my grandmother's ceramic tree, too! Can't wait to see everything once you're done decorating.


  12. Terri- it all looks so pretty!!! i looove your wreath and wish we could pop in to see you both!!
    cousin old man l

    miss you

  13. Everything already looks so beautiful! I can't wait to see what your tree looks like!

  14. Hi Terri - I love your boxwood wreath! Can't wait to see your tree all decorated. It's sure to be beautiful. Also, I like your statements "the tree arrived", "the bins arrived" etc. Makes it sound like you didn't have to lift a finger! Wouldn't that me nice!

  15. You just made me cry

    No hurt intended

    But that cermaic tree is exactly like the one my Grandmother had and I got rid of it and it makes me so sad to see one like it.

    I have learned to keep everything 10 years after someone passes away you never know what you want till the tears clear.


    Merry Christmas

  16. everything looks so beautiful - Merry Christmas, my friend!

  17. I love your boxwood wreath! Happy decorating!

  18. Such elegant Christmas decorating Terri! Biscuit looks right at home under your tree :)

  19. I love your decorations! The pinecone wreath is beautiful and I like the boxwood wreath a lot too! I love the look of the mirror - just a simple strand of glittery beads adds the perfect subtle holiday touch. Beautiful!