Monday, August 23, 2010

I Found You: Sofa Love

The sofa I love, on the cover of "Canadian House & Home" June 2010.  I didn't even notice it was the same sofa as my beloved until the other day when I took a closer look...sure enough, it's the Lee sofa I love!

I've been searching for the perfect sofa for a while now.  And like the perfect man/latte/jeans, it has been a tough search.  As my friend M. says, "it takes a damn good man to be better than none at all."  I believe the same applies to sofas.  

But I finally found my new love, Lee Industries sofa 3106-03:Lee is a wonderful family-run furniture company committed to sustainability and quality materials.  Stuff like that matters to me.  I want down filling (with a soy based core), an heirloom frame, and great fabrics.  The only problem is, no one within 1000 miles has this sofa for me to try.  So I am wondering how it sits.  I have sat in A LOT of sofas lately and pay close attention to dimensions.  According to the numbers (e.g. seat height, seat depth, back height, arm to seat height), this sofa will suit me fine, but nothing beats sitting in the real thing.  I've also sat on the Haven filling that I will request, so I know the seat will be comfortable, but what I can't imagine is the pitch of the back.  Is it too sloped?

Have you sat in this sofa?  What did you think?

Here it is again in the slip-covered apartment size: 
 I am also considering buying a chair to go with the sofa.  The photo below is very ugly but this chair is gorgeous in person.  I've seen it in pure white linen and it is positively angelic and incredibly comfortable and supportive.  It also comes in a slip version.  I have a very bad back and I sat very happily in this chair for about an hour at the store until they finally shoed me away:
So...have you sat in this sofa or chair?  Do you have a Lee showroom nearby where you can visit for me and take pictures and sit in the furniture?  Just kidding (only just...)!!

I'm looking at fabric options now...lots of linen but we also like soft approachable fabrics so the choices are difficult to make. What my eye likes and my hand likes are always different.  I am drawn to velvets and chenilles but love the look of nubby linens.



  1. Hi Terri - The sofa is a beauty! I can see why you like it so much. Hmmm. The apartment sized sofa might work in my living room and I like the bench style seat cushion. My Crate & Barrel sofa has two separate seat cushions and someone is always sinking down between the two, plus it's looking schlumpy these days. I will see if there's a showroom near me to try the Lee sofa for you.

  2. I wish I had a nice sofa. I have a rented property so have to keep the furniture that was already there. My sofa is a dark snot green suede that is covered in huge black stains. I have now covered it in a cream throw but it isnt even a nice shape.

  3. these are beautiful, Terri, and just your clean and classic style. I do hope you can test them out; but I think you would be very happy...

  4. Oh, such a beautiful sofa! I LOVE Lee Industries and really, really wanted a couch and chairs from them. But like you, there are no show rooms in our area. A few dealers but most everything has to be ordered through the catalogue sight un-seen (and un-sat in).
    We ended up going the cheaper route with a different brand --- but I hope to one day have some of their gorgeous furniture designs. They really know how to make beautiful furniture.

  5. It is beautiful Terri~ you must have it!!!

  6. It is THE PERFECT SOFA! I love it. Good luck with your hunt.

  7. Wouldn't you know it... we have one of those stores here in HL! joking. I understand the need to sit in to make your decision! Good luck! I love the chair.

  8. hi terri,

    love that sofa. wish i could sit on one for you but no luck here. good luck my friend.


  9. I have used Lee many times, they are so comfortable and wear really well. ILove the sofa.