Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Vancouver: Continued!

Sorry for the delay getting the rest of our Vancouver photos posted.  Seems like this has been a busier week than usual, so I will keep this post full of photos and short on descriptions!: 

Here are David and I out for dinner at Joe Fortes, a famous seafood restaurant and chop house in Vancouver, which we visited with dear friends M. and I.:
A self-portrait of my dear M. and me, walking along the sea wall earlier that day.  I love you M!:
Before that, we drove over the famous Lion's Gate Bridge to North Vancouver where we looked at sofas (thanks for indulging me) and had coffee and lunch and talk!:
The sea wall in Stanley Park, with the Lion's Gate Bridge in the distance:
A pretty little gray visitor waiting for us to feed him (which we did not):
North Vancouver from the sea wall at Stanley Park:
The next day David and I walked to Granville Island, an old historical industrial site that has been restored to include a lovely array of artisan and gift shops, a marvellous food market, a marina, and so on.  This is me en route across the bridge over top of the Island (actually a peninsula)..:
Another shot of me and Vancouver, with the Burrard Street bridge in the background: 
David at the Granville Island Public Market.  David is an avid chef, so the gourmet market delighted him to no end: 
 David is an adventurous eater.  Later that day, he sampled the wild boar terrine (seriously).  I had a (real Montreal boiled) bagel:
Fresh flowers abound at the market.  This was my happy place (I loved this interesting combination of peach with pink and purple!):
The flowers went on forever (further proof that I should live here):
Being a sweets lover, naturally the pastries caught my eye:
Mille feuilles (a thousand layers) are a good thing:
There was plenty of Canadian hunter-gatherer fare. I once had morels stuffed with foie gras (delicious but an ethical low...so now I take my morels neat):
The gourmet finds included sea asparagus (yum!):
And local key limes:
More desserts, tempting me to take that pastry course I've been dreaming about:
There was lavender in pretty pots:
And seagulls that flock: 
Later in the day we tried on hats.  People always say I look good in hats, but I rarely wear them.  I did covet this one, which made me feel a little "Elliot Ness" (see below):
A still from "The Untouchables"

Next we visited the boat lift, where yachts and sailboats are lowered from the shipyard to the marina:
In my next life, I should like to have a sailboat at the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club:  
After leaving Granville Island, we took a lovely walk through Kitsilano where we visited this magnificent community garden.  Community gardens make me feel very proud of my fellow human beings who seek meaning and solace and sustenance in the soil: 
Roses aplenty with a view of downtown:
Foxgloves (gorgeous and toxic too):
Our walk ended up at the Arbutus Cafe, a perfect place for a coffee and a rest:
Before a ferry ride back across the water to our hotel:
What perfect days...!


  1. wow! nice pictures, and yes, I think the hat looks nice on you :-)
    it seems you had a great trip, and what lovely food on that market....

  2. Beautiful pics. I want to go to Vancouver now! My 90 year old Mom is going there this week for a grandson's wedding...I'll tell her about your lovely photos and remind her to enjoy all the views.
    You both look happy and relaxed!

  3. What beautiful pictures. So glad you got to escape for a little vacation!

  4. Hi Terry
    It is always nice to see pictures of Vancouver through the eyes of someone visiting here. You have captured some of my favorite places, and the pictures of Granville Island market are beautiful. I am glad that you had a nice visit.
    Next time you are here, be sure to say hi!
    Take care

  5. Terri, those are beautiful images. It is delightful to see the Vancouver area - I have never been there before. The photos of the flowers were particularly beautiful and some of the foods looked so exotic to a small southern gal like me! thanks for taking me along thru your pictures! Love to you! Donna

  6. Hi Terri, What a beautiful trip to a lovely place. I've only driven through but it's on my list of places to go. Your pictures have inspired me to get up there and explore!
    So happy that you had such a wonderful trip.

  7. What beautiful photos- looks like you had a great time!

  8. hi teri,

    i don't know how this post escaped me?

    i love the pics of you and david. what a darling couple you make. and i love the one of you in a hat. i agree, you do look good in hats. how nice that you took so many pics for us to see and get a feel of the area. thank you so much.

    one day maybe i'll get to canada!


  9. You are looking happy and well rested! My brother recently moved to Vancouver, and this is great incentive to plan a trip to visit him.

  10. It is a beautiful city without a doubt. Do you truly want to live there? (Heck, I think that even I want to live there. :)

    Yes, you do look great in that "Elliot Ness" hat. But then, you are the cutest and your smile is always beautiful.

  11. Oh how I miss it there! So many memories...
    You captured some amazing photos Terri and that first pic of you and David it just gorgeous!

  12. Hi Terri - This looks like the perfect vacation to me. The pastries look so delicious, the flowers are gorgeous and so is the scenery. I hope you were able to sample a few pastries! Such nice photos of you and your husband too. Sounds like you'll have some great memories from this trip. Thanks for taking us along!

  13. Oh dear, you have me missing the BC coast (even though I just got back from San Fran). Granville Island is one of my favorite happy places. Looks like it was a fabulous trip. I loved your picture retell. We are planning to go to Comox for Christmas break, so I shall have to wait til then to get my fix again.

    I do believe my Paris plans are currently on hold. We've waited too long to book and any place good is now exceeding my salary. :( Oh well, life is still better than great!

  14. wow this is some tour and these are some geat pictures i have very impressed to see such detailed pictures, you have dont a fab job of showing vancouver to us who havent been there

  15. From your pictures I can see what a beautiful city Vancouver is. You do look good in hats!

  16. Nice pictures!! You guys are such a handsome couple too! Those flowers were beautiful, as were all the photos! I also love the hat! Thanks for sharing and I hope you are doing well!!:0)

  17. Vancouver is on my list of places I most want to visit. Your photos have encouraged me tremendously.