Friday, February 19, 2010

Inspiration: Teal Blue & Pink

It's funny how inspiration develops.

As you know, I recently painted our guest room a very pretty soft blue.  Over the past two weeks, I've been slowly bringing pink things into this room, since I think pink and blue go smashingly well together.  I love pink, but don't own very much, yet small things are slowly migrating to the room: 
Along the way, I began searching for other blue and pink objects online.  In my search, things that are the forgotten-colour teal blue crossed my mind.  I've been fond of teal blue since Grade 7 when I had a teal jacket that looked great on me. 
So I started looking for teal-coloured pieces and found a few pretty things on Etsy.  Then at Pottery Barn, I came across this teal blue bedside table (maybe not true teal blue, but with the same tone and vibe):
I decided that these little tables would be perfect for my guest room!

So I tried to order them.  But Pottery Barn is weird about what it ships to Canada - the tables were not available in blue.  So I tried to order them from Seattle but shipping costs were too high in the end.  But special thanks to Kenlie and Amanda at the Seattle (University Village) store for all their help figuring out international shipping with me!
Since I couldn't get the blue, but liked the style (and price), I decided to order the white ones.  They should be here within the week, and I may continue with the fantasy and paint them teal blue when they arrive: 
I keep looking for teal blue and pink for this room and have found some pretty vintage things on Etsy:
Once I get the room organized, I will have a big pink and blue reveal.  Stay tuned!


  1. Terri,
    You are talking about one of my all time favorite colors! And pale aqua...both featured in my decor in nearly every room...small doses of course! We are on the same path...yesterday, I purchsed office items in these colors!!!

    Check out the French home I posted yesterday, there are little hits of teal everywhere...bench, tapestry and pillows.

  2. Sounds like you're having Terri. Light blue is wonderful - I am thinking about using a dusty version in a designer show (beach) house I am doing this summer. Funny, in Atlanta I noticed that light blue was the "in" color. I wonder if I will see more of it in High Point in April?
    Hope you paint those tables Teal! They'll look great.

  3. Can't wait to see the big reveal! You pull a room together with the very best of them. (Thanks for stopping by. Have missed seeing you about.)

  4. It sounds so pretty- I look forward to the reveal- you have such nice taste.

  5. Hi Terri,

    I love those tables. I ordered the armoire from the same line for my bedroom in the white. I almost ordered the blue but I'm glad I didn't because I know me and by now I would be tired of the blue. I get lots of compliments on the piece. It is very well made and huge, which is what I needed. I think you will be very happy with them.


  6. I love your blog and your teal blue and pink really struck a wonderful note for a bedroom. I love teal blue and the darker teal/blue green, which unfortunately, is very hard to find just now...not the fashion. I keep looking for it because it is the accent color in my bathroom.
    Good luck with the room.
    Cindy from Wyoming

  7. Terri - I'm looking forward to your big reveal! The color combination of the teal blue and pink is so pretty. These days, I'm thinking of bringing a little pink and more color into my home too. Must be the "mild" weather we're having lately in the North East.

  8. It is a lovely blue colour, near to green. What is the different between teal blue and nile blue?

    I love old china - but I guess you already know that. :)


  9. i love those teal apples! excited for the reveal!

  10. Hi Terri, I love the combination of the teal blue and pink. It feels so wonderfully happy and bright and crisp. Look forward to seeing the reveal, I know it's going to be absolutely gorgeous...just like the rest of your home! xoxoTrina

  11. Just found your blog and I think it is just beautiful! And those turquoise apples!