Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Blue Room: Rearranged!

Thanks for your wonderful response on my last post about my small blue guest room.  The room was painted a tranquil blue and now I am starting to decorate.  

As a start, I took Joni's suggestion and moved the bed under the window:  
This room is as tiny as a Paris hotel room, so I had previously placed the bed against the wall (where the mirror is), but it looks good centered on the window, and leaves space for a small bedside table on each side.  But there is now less room to walk around:
I have temporary bedside tables but plan to get new ones.  I'd prefer antiques, but I have searched every antique store in Calgary and area and cannot find one I like (let alone a pair).  I am growing impatient (never my strong suit).  I like this affordable option from Pottery Barn:
 I generally prefer wood-coloured (brown) furniture as it's more classic.  David prefers the brown too, but for this room, I think the white would be prettiest.  What do you think?  With new knobs, I think this piece would be quite pretty.  I like the drawer (to hide away things) and the shelf (for holding magazines)! 
I still have to figure out what to do about that window and ledge!  The centered arrangement would allow me to put drapes around the window, making a sort of canopy around the bed (although the ledge is problematic).  But that option feels a little overdone to me.  I am not a canopy/wall-o-drapery type of person.  So I am considering options and hoping for a lightening bolt to strike!  Fabric is a must, whether I do a simple Roman shade or a valance.
In the meantime, our new St.Geneve Canadian duvet (a Christmas gift from Mom) arrived!  This duvet is the real deal, made of 100% Canadian goose down (no feathers), 100% hypoallergenic, and guaranteed for 20 years!  I purchased the Lajord Light option, which is 800 loft and it so lightweight:
The duvet cover, also from St-Geneve, has not yet arrived but I may try the duvet tonight to see how warm it is!

Trim work will be painted white as soon as I'm up to it.  I've had terrible headaches and back pain lately and haven't been good for much, but I am planning!

Here is the view from inside the room:

After the trim is painted, I will choose a new light fixture and hardware for the closets!  I am torn between a pretty chandelier and a simple lantern: 
I like this very affordable chandelier from Shades of Light

Oh, and art!  I can't wait to put up some pretty new prints, which I hope to frame myself.  

P.S.  If you missed my previous post, I started a picture framing class at a local art school.  Last night we learned how to hand-cut mats and next week we learn how to cut mats using a mat cutting apparatus and also to cut glass!  I will post soon about my framing adventures!
Now for your feedback, do you think I should use white or brown wood side tables?  


  1. hi Terri! Somehow I missed the last post, so I have some catching up to do. I think either white or brown would be great, the main thing is to have a bedside table or two - a very nice thing for a guest. My sister has a lovely house, but the guest room is absolutely barren, with no bedside tables whatsoever, which makes it quite difficult for a guest who wears glasses at night - I have to sleep with my glasses under the pillow!!!! If there were an emergency in the night (a fire or something) I would be good as dead if I did not have my glasses near by.

    Anyway, that's my 2 cents! I am off to check out your previous post.

  2. The ledge is tricky. I would embrace the ledge and cap it with some wood then trim it out with some simple molding similar to the built in bookshelves across the room.

    I also would change out the molding around the window and I would go with the roman shades.

    I am sure what ever you decide will be beautiful; you have such wonderful taste.

    Sami G

  3. Hi Terri,

    Sorry to hear you have not been feeling well.

    I vote for white tables. The room has a light feeling to it and I think white would look great.


  4. Hi Terri! I really hope you feel better soon! Those little tables are so cute..I love wood too, but maybe white would be nice in your room. I also vote for the chandelier. I'm not sure what to do about the ledge...curtains could soften that up though. Whatever you choose will no doubt be lovely. :0)

  5. How deep is that ledge? Could you build shelving to the ceiling on either side of the window and hang a roman blind between? Even just a shadow box effect for art work would be good. Tables don't have to match, but I agree I like a place to put my book and glasses.

  6. Pretty room! I have the same situation with my bed under the window. My solution to the "wall to wall curtains" problem has been to use panels that very closely match the wall color. They soften the wall without calling much attention to themsleves. Had you considered panelling the lower portion of the wall behind the bed? Run a strip of crown molding across the top edge where it becomes a shelf and you have a headboard effect. And I vote for the brown tables... little hits of warmth like the dark metal on the chandelier you show.
    Well, that was about 20 cents. Sorry! Couldn't help myself.

  7. Such a pretty and calming blue...does painting bother and make you have a headache? I hope not. As for the end tables, if you're going for the lighter touches in drapes and linens...I think white (or cream) would be lovely.

  8. I would go with the brown - it's such a beautiful, light room and I think (just my humble opinion, of course) the brown would ground it and be a nice contrast.

  9. I think an all white room is very soothing so I'd go with white nighstands.

    But don't feel pressure to buy two that match. They can be mismatched and still look good. I would definitely try to get something bigger than what you posted if you can. A tiny table is dwarfed by the bed. (If nothing else fits than its not a disaster but if you can make it larger, it will balance more nicely)

  10. I really like Sami's idea. We had a similar problem in our last house and took the problem ledge and made it an architectural feature, capping it with a shelf and trim underneath. It was a great spot for displaying photos and such. Then go with a nice soft fabric roman introducing some colour and pattern into the room.

    Whatever you decide it will be beautiful! Have fun - and feel better soon :)

  11. Hi Terri,

    What about using decoratice wall brackets instead of bedside tables? It would give you a place to put things without taking up much visual(or floor)space.

  12. Hi Terri, The bed looks great under the window! Our guest bedroom downstairs is pretty small as well and therefore, there's not much room to walk around with a even just a FULL size bed in there. But we too had just enough room to squeeze in two small nightstands. I do think white would look very pretty...although I have to admit that I'm always drawn to wood. I don't know what it is but I think I like the warmth wood offers and perhaps too, the contrast it provides with the light things around it (lamps, clocks, wall color, linens, etc.). LOVE the chandelier! xoxoTrina

  13. Everything is starting to look great - I would go with white bedside tables but they certainly do not have to match.
    Hope you are feeling better.

  14. The room is going to look wonderful when its all finished. I think you could go with either the white or brown....with some lovely lamps they will look great! Hope you have a lovely weekend and are feeling better.
    p.s...wish I had another Paris trip booked already - would love to go in April!!

  15. Hi Terri!

    Oh I love the tranquility and serenity in your blue room :) It's absolutely gorgeous!! :)

    And those 100% down duvets are the best! I miss mine, it's still in Spain!

    Hehe and I guess that you know what I'm going to answer on the brown or white bedside table, right? I love the way the light blue and white mix so I would definitely go for white!

    I hope all is well with you and have a great weekend!

    Hugs, Susanne

  16. I vote for brown tables!

  17. Hi, Terri! :) I love the bed in its new spot. It makes the room look so much more balanced, and I always think it's nice to be able to get into or out of a bed from both sides when we stay in someone else's home. It's really coming along!

    My gut on the table choice is a nice dark wood tone, but I wonder if maybe you should get an idea of what you want to do on the windows first (?). If the window treatments are white or subtle shades, then dark wood. However, if the window treatments are going to be a pattern, I'd let the bed and treatments take center stage focalpoint wise and choose the less attention-grabbing white. Make sense?

    I think it might look good if you propped a framed piece or two on the ledge leaning up against the right side of the window. Two pieces overlapping slighty? Maybe another little trinket on the shelf right by them to make it an odd number of objects (?).


  18. And since I'm already blabbing on and on, I'll also pop in to say that I **really** think you want to go vintage/antique on the tables :) And not match them exactly. It will take more time, but it will look so great and be so rewarding when you find just the right ones. You could always toss some fabric over the existing ones until then! :)

    ~Jacci (again, sorry)

  19. Hi Terri, I finally took some photos and posted a story on my blog about the light fixtures you are considering and we have in our home(including the chandelier fixture in our dressing room). I tried to email them to you directly but I got an automated message from Telus saying, in essence, your inbox was full.

  20. Seeing your down comforter caught my eye as I have the same one! It came highly recommended to me by our local linen shop and I love it. It's the best down comforter I have ever owned. I now plan to purchase their down pillows.

    I can't wait to see the outcome of your guest room. I'm working on ours too and could use some inspiration!