Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Lite

Biscuit supervises the Christmas decorating

This year, I've decided to go very light-handed with the Christmas decor. I'm growing increasingly fond of a spare look and with work being so busy, I really haven't had time for much fuss!

Above is our beautiful tree.  We got a beauty this year, tall with a lovely shape, and have it decorated with our collection of miscellaneous ornaments.  I would prefer white lights but David likes the colours, and honestly, I don't mind them.  It really is pretty, and it suits the tree, with its multi-coloured, collected-over-time ornaments. 

Below is the sideboard...I'm getting boughs for the basket on the weekend. I switched out one of the framed prints for a Christmas scene (right) and added my sparkly glass garland across the front.  I've had a little faux boxwood wreath on the mirror for a while now and I'm fond of its simplicity.  But this scene needs something more...any suggestions?:
Here is a close-up of the winter print (below).  I wish it was a vertical, but it will suffice.  I love changing out my art seasonally.  I'm starting a picture framing class at a local art college in February and cannot wait to start framing my own prints in some of my collected antique frames.
Below is my little counter-top tree where I get to have white lights.  I used two sets of my sparkly glass garland and little felt decorations mailed from a Swedish friend.  There are also little birds in nests here and there.  In this picture, you can see my new brown drapery panels from Restoration Hardware, flanking the bay window:
We have a very beautiful china cabinet (my favorite furniture item in the house).   I decorated it with a little "D" that I bought for one of David's Christmas presents last year.  Inside are the boxes from my recent giveaway.  I would love to put tiny lights inside this cabinet, but need something with a battery pack as there is no hole for an electrical cord:
I decorated my console table (below) with more sparkly garland and a bowl of pears. Pears make very inexpensive decor and they look great.  Sitting in the sun, the pears ripened beautifully and we've been eating them all week. I started with a bag of two dozen, moving them daily from my cold room to the bowl, and this is what's left!:
On the weekend, I did a little photo shoot with my favorite model, my cat Biscuit.  He really enjoys having his photo taken and is quite vain.  In the foreground is a hurricane with a white candle inside.  I love these and have them all over the house.  I shall never tire of this look.  You can see our Christmas tree reflected in the mirror.  My new drapes match my lampshade:
Usually I splurge on a boxwood wreath for the front door (below).  I say splurge because boxwood doesn't grown here as abundantly as in Eastern Canada, so it's expensive here at Christmas.  But this year, I decided on a local fir wreath instead.  It smells great and reminds me of the Maritimes where I grew up, where our house was surrounded with these trees! 
Hope you've enjoyed a little tour of my simple Christmas decor for this year.  Have you simplified this year or doubled your decor??


  1. How beautiful! I think the touches of sparkle are what does it.

  2. Everything looks really lovely :) We had grand plans, but we're pretty basic this Christmas, too. Still plugging away at house projects like trim and curtains. Maybe **next** year I'll do the mantel :)

    I was thinking maybe you could incorporate some fresh cranberries on your sideboard? Could the hurricane move to the middle of the tray with the greenery around it and some cranberries in the hurrican around the candle. I love neutral schemes, too, but a little red at Christmas is always nice, don't you think?


  3. Hi Terri,

    Love everything you've done. Love the RH drapes. So beautiful. Love the Christmas picture too. Love the kitty the most!


    p.s. The box you gave away came today and it couldn't be more perfect for me. Thank you.

  4. Hi Terri, Your house is beautiful! Everything is so crisp and lovely and the Restoration Hardware drapes are perfect. And Biscuit is as cute as can be. xo We're keeping the Christmas decor pretty simple here. So far I've been decorating with lots of cedar garland and trimmings and white poinsettias. Plus, I'll hang our stockings. The picture framing class sounds wonderful! I'd love to take it with you! xoxoTrina

  5. Your home is beautiful!:0) Everything looks lovely..and biscuit is super cute!He's very photogenic:0)

  6. Oh Terri it looks beautiful!!! Seriously it looks like you guys have come to a perfect compromise!!

    I love all of your touches- the sparkly garland, the boxwood wreath, the fir one on the front door- so perfect & simple!

    Oh and the pears!! genius!! We have them too & I didn't even think of that!!

    For the sideboard I think maybe a pair of candlesticks on the right for a little height would be perfect!

    huge hug & it really is looking beautiful.

    cousin L

  7. I wish I could pop over right NOW it all looks so calm and serene. Biscuit is adorable - I love that name. Merry merry to you both.
    Love, Love

  8. I love your decor, I think everything looks perfectly stunning! Your cat is cracking me up, such a gentleman!

  9. I think the touches of sparkle are what does it.

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  10. Love the look. For the sideboard...I see a lovely glass vase in the china cabinet...how about some winter branches in it?

  11. It looks all so beautiful and I love your wreath! My tree is more sparse this year too! Ax

  12. Very nice. Your tree is beautiful and I love the little table tree...well done it all looks great. As for the sideboard, if you are trying to keep it simple, I would just add loads of white candles.
    Ness xx

  13. You decorations looks great! I like how you have been able to carry the decorations through to all the living areas. At this point, all I have is the tree, electric candles in the window and some boxwood in the kitchen and time is running out!

  14. You are so sweet, Terri! Thank you for the Xmas greeting that arrived yesterday. It made me very happy . I was thinking about you the other day when I hang up the lovely Xmas decoration made by Rachel Badeaubut. I saw your white felt decorations in the little tree with glass garlands, it looked very nice.
    I love your decorations for Christmas, it is very elegant! And I love you little friend Buscuit. I adore cats, I love their temper and personality.
    I am sorry to say that no Xmas card is on its way over the sea... I wish I had send you one but now it is to late. Instead I send you and Dave my best wishes for Christmas by cyberspace!
    xo Poppins

  15. your tree is beautiful and so is the little tree. I really would love to see more of the curtains- they look wonderful!!!!!

    Merry Merry!

  16. Looks gorgeous, I must admit we have toned it down this year and going for the less is more approach.

    I have enjoyed making decorations this year and plan to make them again next Christmas.

    Leeann x

  17. Happy Holidays Terri!
    I love the smell of and look of a fir wreath.
    Your decorations are beautiful and tasteful
    (and you cat is adorable!).


  18. A lovely tour of your elegant home. I'm going to copy the pears, if I can find some wonderful ones...need some more elegance around here. Hope that you and David have been well.

  19. It's your use of restraint that always hit me when I visit. You find the perfect balance and it makes for brilliant design. You take care.

  20. Biscuit is a great model! Love your choice in decorations, the fir wreath and your fron door color too.

  21. Lovely decorations for Christmas - I too went minimal this year as we are traveling for Christmas. It was rather nice only putting up a small tree and only bringing out my favorite decorations!

    Your home looks so elegant. I love that EA side board and all of your special little touches!

  22. Terri,
    The sparse look is fantastic and I absolutely love the ice skating picture...your home home is very lovely.

    Thank you for your sweet comments -if you ever need a vaction to this old yankee town, call me and I'll put you up and treat to the freshest lobster you've ever had.

    By the way - your comments always make me smile. Thank you.

    I hope that your holidays are filled with peace & joy and family & friends.


  23. what a beautiful livingroom you have, really lovely. I like this time of year so much, we can decorate our homes even more :-)
    enjoy christmas and take care!

  24. Your house looks so beautiful! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  25. Biscuit is as cute as can be. xo We're keeping the Christmas decor pretty simple here.

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