Sunday, November 22, 2009

Fine Finds: Pillows and Bone China!

As hard as I strive to become a conscientious consumer (buying fewer things of better quality), I still find myself at the mercy of pretty things sometimes.

Which brings me to some recent finds!  I was mentioning to Janet at The Gardeners Cottage in an email today that I try to use three criteria when I buy unnecessary but lovely things:  
Is is classic?  Is it beautiful?   Will I love it in 5 years?

This system really helps me to curb my aesthetic appetite and I now bring home a lot fewer trends, fewer "good buys" and much less nice but useless junk.  But sometimes, my heart just covets.  I am really trying to re-train the "reward center" in my brain which thinks that it constantly needs more stuff (and/or chocolate).

On that note, unable to harness my covetousness, here are some new finds I have recently acquired:

The opening photo shows a delightful green pillow I purchased from a fellow Calgarian who sells her pretty pillows on Etsy.  Her Lilybeth Goodies shop is full of goodies indeed, her prices are second-to-none, and she's a really sweet lady too! I have already ordered a second pillow in this pattern...a little pre-Christmas gift from me to me.  

My next find was this wee set of fine bone china, from my favorite antique store:
It is not a full set, but rather an incomplete four-piece place setting!  The set is by Royal Doulton and it is cream-coloured with a platinum edge.  There are four dinner plates, four salad plates, and four bread-and-butter plates. I am missing the tea cups and saucers (which I might try to find on eBay).  The pattern is called "Romance Carolyn H5090", if you happen to have some laying around your attic!
I really like the set and since I'm not too concerned about matchy-match with my china, I truly don't mind.  I plan to buy a new set of everyday white dishes soon so all my mismatched pieces will have a proper foundation (my current set is pale blue and white).  I would love to have a full set of very fine bone china some day, but who can justify the expense?  Many people put good china on their wedding registry, which is a very fine reason to get married, in my opinion!  David, are you reading this?

Next, in an odd twist of fate, I happened to be shopping at the Real Canadian Superstore (a grocery chain here which carries really great affordable housewares) yesterday and found these white porcelain bowls, edged in silver dots:
I think they look swell with my new dishes and let me serve a soup or pasta course and still use my new plates!  Talk about serendipity!
What do you think?  Hope you like my finds!


  1. The pillow is beautiful and I also love your dinnerware. I am still lusting after your chandelier!

  2. Anonymous5:31 pm

    Finds all - and thanks for a link to a wonderful store!

  3. I'm sure I'm not the only one who agrees that you are forgiven for your transgression. I think we all have a weakness for beautiful things. Congratulations on your finds! I love your taste. :-)


  4. well, first - your pillow is gorgeous! but those bowls! omg!!!!!!! that is soooo beautiful! what a find. lucky.

  5. That pillow is just gorgeous! And the Royal Dalton you will love it within 5 years! You can be sure of that!!



  6. I think both your china finds are terrrfic! I remember you posting about china a few months ago - isn't it great how things turn up when you're looking for them. Pretty pillow too. I need to remember those 3 questions!

  7. Great finds!! I love those bowls and that pretty pretty pillow! I too suffer from the lure of pretty things...and chocolate!

  8. Your china is Classic like your blog and your taste. I love coming by to see what you have posted.
    Have a great week.

  9. Gorgeous pillow and the dinnerware is lovely. Great finds. Ax

  10. Hi Terri,

    I LOVE that pillow. So hard to resist and sometimes you just can't. I'm sure you will have these treasures for years to come.

    I like your new criteria for bringing things into your home.

    Happy Thanksgiving

  11. Terri- I swear we have the same taste!!! (must be bc we're related ;) haha

    I have been coveting that fabric on your pillow for so long!!! Even posted on it way back!!! I JUST LOVE IT!! ! (AND might have to put a little in my LR)

    perfect classic china pieces--- you will NEVER tire of them!!! :) Great choices.

    I have been meaning to write you back that I have an old man in me too- I love that stuff. I even like pics of old men- ha!

    cousin L

  12. Love the cushion. Love it. ... and the dishes are gorgeous. Can't believe they go so well with the bowls. Well done
    PS thanks for the link to the etsy's great

  13. What great finds!!! There is something so classic about a set of white / cream dishes.

    I love your system - I've been doing the same over the couple of years too - you have no idea how many times I pick something up, carry around the store for twenty minutes then while I'm in line for the cash, look it over one last time and turn around, put it back where I got it and walk out empty-handed.

    It's worked out well for my bank account, but not so much for my inner shopper :(.

  14. Beautiful and I think your criteria is really smart. I tend to be a minimalist and sometimes I think I am over careful on what I don't bring home.

  15. Lovely. and yes, beautiful china is always very pricey.
    Just love the chandelier from your previous post, you have such nice things.
    enjoy your new treasures!

  16. Hi Terri!

    Wow, lovely findings! :) I also try to only buy the things that I really really want. And I love your chandelier! That is just so cute and delicate! How are you doing? Hope you aren't stressing TOO much! I've been studying hard and getting a few headaches while studying which isn't very good but one exam (60/60! :)) down now and two to go! Anyway, have a great sunday and talk to you soon :)

    Hugs, Susanne

  17. WOW! So beautiful down pillow and also a dinner sets thanks for sharing with us. :)