Friday, September 04, 2009

Blogger Calling Cards!!

I'm in love (okay, serious like) with my pretty new blogger calling cards!  
A few weeks ago, I finally caved in to my egotistical desire for these light French Blue calling cards.  I've never felt entirely comfortable giving friends, family and acquaintances my corporate engineering business card for personal reasons, and if I did, I always scrawled my home email and number across the back.  So I've wanted an all-purpose calling card for a while.
While decorating the house over the past few years, I've met so many designers, shopkeepers, and sales people, and lots and lots of fellow decor lovers.  So I decided I would design a card just for them, my select new decorati friends, with my home email and phone number and my web address.

These cards are only for folks who I want to share my blog with (and my private information), people who I think will appreciate it.  I won't give out this card out often, but when I do, it will be done with style!

I purchased the cards from a talented designer, but had a couple of issues with the purchase, so I'd rather not advertise the name here.  If you're interested, email me.  Here are some samples that she made.  It was so hard to choose and I almost went with the dark French blue: 
There are lots of great card designers on the internet, so if you're currently a stay-at-home domestic god/goddess, a weekend decor warrior, or maybe a retired corporate type who likes to blog about your need calling cards!

They add a certain je ne sais quoi to your operation and make it look like the serious business it is!

Happy blogging (or whatever it is you specialize in)!


  1. I have been wanting cards for my blog for so long! I need to do this. cute!!!!!

  2. How pretty!! I just made a blog address card myself to attach to my decor biz card... because I didn't want to toss a couple hundred new business cards that I had made before I started the blog. I love that personal "calling cards" have been making a comeback.

  3. these are beautiful! I love personal calling cards and think more people should have them!

  4. Terri what a wonderful idea, so clever of you :)

    Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog, you have to be the nicest person in blogland!!! Your comments always extremely flattering - thank you.

    Big news for me, I've resigned from my job - Scary!!! I'm heading back to NZ in Nov/Dec, so I will be designing my own cards soon too. I would like to come back to the UK in May, see if I can get some contracting work to earn pounds and travel, travel, travel; then see if I can do 6 months UK, 6 months NZ, it might not work, but why not try....will keep you posted.

    Much love V xxx

    P.S - if you ever come to NZ, OZ or UK, let me know, it would be wonderful to meet you some day :)

  5. Great idea to have special cards just for blogging...
    Love your cards,fab design
    You mentioned Crate and Barrel coming to Calgary, cool I did not know that...thanks for the mention

  6. I love your cards - they are the perfect shade of French silvery blue. I am going to go upstairs to look at them on the Mac, which has the best color balance. What a great idea!

  7. Very sweet and that lavender colour is so perfect Terri!

  8. How beautiful! I would love some cards as well. Maybe someday...

  9. oh i love these!!! SUCH a great idea!!! i've been needing a revamp for my logos busin cards tooo

    can't wait to see your calling card!!!! ;) ;)

  10. It's 1:43am here in Ontario, and I'm just about to close the laptop, but who is Wind Lost? I feel instant pride when I stumble upon a great Canadian blog! As Bob & Doug Mackenzie would say, "Beauty, eh?"
    So glad I found you!Will check back! LOVE the calling cards too!


  11. Hi Terri!

    How are you? I love your calling cards, so somber and chic!!

    We haven't had normal internet for 3 weeks now and every day they keep on telling us that it will arrive "tomorrow"... way to much bs in my opinion sadly :( However that means that I can only check my email and blog once my husband is home in the evenings so I haven't been up to date lately unfortunately :( We also just moved to this new house and just today we managed to empty most of our boxes so that we could actually walk around in the livingroom/diningroom area. I've been totally exhausted and have had headaches and so they did another CT and everything was fine but I have to take it easy.... easier said than done tho :(

    I hope you have a great time in Washington and in Virginia! I would love to go back to the US some day!!

    Have a great sunday too!

    Hugs Susanne

  12. Great idea & they look fabulous! Looks like you may start a "swoon" trend!

  13. Wow - those are beautiful! Great idea.

  14. Your blog is just lovely, so glad to have found it. These cards are fabulous, specially adore the colour.

  15. Anonymous8:35 am

    Hi Terri, I love the pretty email card! Washington was on our agenda for our summer vacation in July however after Cape Cod we only got as far as NYC....I'm so jealous! I'm sure you'll have wonderful pics to show us on your return.

    Although I was "quiet" with my blog for a few months, your blog is one I kept up with. I'm glad you've kept it up.

  16. So fabulous!! I love how chic they are!

  17. These are seriously lovely cards - love the beautiful design. Leigh

  18. Hello! It´s so cute! I´m a brazilian dentist and my blog it´s about beautiful things for home, books, my apartment, places to visit... i loved your blog.
    I never see cards like that here. It´s magnific idea!
    Congratulations! Parabéns (in portuguese).
    Lu Espejo
    PS. i´m sorry, my english is hurrrcc!!

  19. Terri, I LOVE how these came out, they are so beautiful!

    Now, I need to go get some too :)

  20. I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


  21. Hello, I love this post. You have the most beautiful and perfect site here. Thank you so much for sharing it ... & best wishes

  22. Terri - these are absolutely beautiful - and the graphic looks classy and fresh. Just all the things I find your blog to be.

  23. I am SO excited that I got the chance to meet you!!! I love your cards. You made the right choice.

  24. Wow, nice cards, they really do add a special something, like you say. I think you chose a wonderful design, very chic!
    enjoy your sunday and hope you are happy to be back home again, after the vacation :-)

  25. Really pretty cards, love to have one!

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