Saturday, June 27, 2009

More Guest Room Ideas

An inspiring concept for my guest room!

It's been a very busy week, and my decorating mind is rather unfocussed.

I'm still considering a look for my guest bedroom but can't seem to make progress.  I'm soul-tired after work these days and also joined a book club (silly me), so with gardening and other home projects, I don't have much left at the end of the day.  

 I also think I'm slow to start this room because it needs so much work.  Not only does the room need painted, it sorely needs new lighting, window coverings, a headboard, and a new nighttable.  Even if I find budget versions of all of these, it's still a lot of time and effort and I honestly don't feel like opening my pocketbook either.  Maybe I will have to hit some garage sales (wink)!

I did find two pretty light fixtures, from Thomasville Lighting.  The room has regular 8 foot ceilings and the light fixture sits off-center (near one corner, over the bed), so a chandelier won't work and is too fussy for me anyway.

But these two options are simple and pretty:  

The room has a weird window/ledge, so I think I will be forced to replace the existing blinds and use a valance for decoration, as much as I love the look of curtains.  Custom valances cost a mint, so I may have to haul out the sewing machine and my grade 8 Home Economics notes.  I love the pretty valance below and the crisp white blinds:
And maybe I can disguise my old side table with fabric.  Oh dear, more sewing.  I think I might need a glue gun.  Isn't this pretty?:
Surpringly, I also found a super-affordable cotton-slipcovered headboard at Home Depot which might suffice until I find a bed I truly adore.  A bed looks so much more finished with a headboard at least...
I shall keep you posted on my snail's pace progress and will post "before" photos when I'm ready to start painting!

Room Photos:  1. Houzz, 2. House Beautiful, 3. House Beautiful


  1. The light fixtures are both very pretty. The one that sets close to the ceiling will not give nearly as much light to the room as the one that drops down a bit. I have a similar light in my office. Enjoy, decorating as you have bits of time.

  2. Great rooms you've shown! We look forward to seeing the next stages!! Thanks for your comment on my blog :)

  3. Your blog is soo cute & nice & very tasty!!

    Regards from Agneta in Sweden

  4. i like the 2nd one... and i would love to stay in any of those lovely rooms... your guests will feel so welcome.. x pam

  5. Great ideas.
    I think simple headboards are the prettiest.
    Covering your table with fabric is a great idea.
    Love your inspiration pictures.
    It's ok to take it slow. You probably will make fewer mistakes!


  6. Love the ice blue in the first photo and the chocolate bedhead in the second. Don't worry about going slowly - I've been working on our house for nearly 8 years and still not finished! Leigh

  7. Whenever you post ideas for a project, it means that you are serious about starting! I look forward to seeing what you do. You seem to like upholstered headboards, which can definitely be a DIY project (good for the budget)!

  8. Love your inspiration. I am glad I am not the only one who is slow at renovating! Look forward to seeing the progress. Ax

  9. I love the soft, restful colours in the images you have chosen.
    Sometimes rooms look better in the end when they're done at a snail's pace, rather than rushing through the job. Good luck!

  10. You have such wonderful style - no matter how long your room takes it's going to look gorgeous with these great decorating ideas to work from. Lee :)

  11. One thing's certain...when it's complete, it will have been well planned. You are a woman of detail. Some of us lesser types would slap something together and call it good.;>

  12. oooohhh i can't wait to see it!! love the home depot headboard & the light fixtures!! can't wait to see it all together!!!

  13. I like the simple headboard idea. I am doing the same for my guest bedroom, and found a leather headboard for only $400 at Charles P. Rogers. It comes in off-white and chocolate brown (the Poole headboard). I don't know if this is within your budget, but I felt that it was a much better value for the price than fabric ones and will be easier to keep clean.