Sunday, March 01, 2009

The Lucite bandwagon

It takes me a while to come 'round to a trend.   I'm not exactly an edgy decorator, mostly because I prefer historical, classic looks - lots of white and ivory, antiques, and old-fashioned objects and art. 

Which brings me to Lucite!  I've admired Lucite lamps for a while and finally jumped on the bandwagon (rather late, I'm afraid).  But it occured to me that this look is pretty classic, and if you choose the right style, it doesn't look too trendy.  
I found this beautiful (affordable) lamp yesterday at Home Sense and put it on my living room console table, along with a large mirror I've had for a while.  The mirror is leaning now, but will eventually be hung!
The lamp arrived with a white shade, which I switched to a chocolate brown shade instead.  I knew the brown would help ground my composition, which is rather light with its shiny, mirrored, and silver elements. 

For your edification, Lucite is a trade name for a plastic called polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA), which is the same material used in Plexiglas (also a trade name).  PMMA is an acrylic plastic (there are many different acrylics).  It is a hard, tough plastic known for its excellent clarity (it replaces glass), but it does scratch easily.

P.S.  Did you forget I have a masters degree in polymers and plastics?
While I was shopping, I also picked up frames for three antique etchings I bought at the Paris flea market (St-Ouen).  The etchings were purchased from a veritable art dealer and were not cheap.  They date to the late 1800's and the paper is very fragile.  I plan to have them professionally framed (archival mats and UV glass) when my favorite frame shop has its annual sale.
The first picture shows a palace celebration while the second shows La Bourse, the stock market building in Paris, which has classical Greek architecture.  The third etching (a vertical) is not shown.

The two photos below show the lamp with its original white shade.
I don't mind the white shade but prefer a slightly rounder shape.  What do you think?
Below is another etching in my small collection.  I threw this photo in because it's one of my favorite things and was the inspiration for the other purchases. 
It shows a lady and a suitor and says "A Bientot" ('til we meet again).   

I had it professionally framed, which cost a lot more than the actual etching, which I found in a junk/antique shop in a big pile on the floor!  I rescued it for $10 and regret that I didn't buy more, as it cleaned up very well.  It hangs in our front entrance.


  1. Very pretty etchings, Terri. Wonderful that you rescued that last one from the shop's floor. I really like the frame that you've chosen. Also, I would have called myself a lucite snob until I saw your lamp. It looks wonderful there. I do prefer the darker shade because it does "ground" everything as you say. No, I did not forget that you are one sharp cookie!

    Hope that you are having a wonderful weekend! I'm off for a Sunday afternoon nap...

  2. Sorry I like the white better, not so much because of the color but the scale, there is to much upper barrel showing with the brown.

    the etchings are gorgeous

  3. I love getting a glimpse into your home and a glimpse into your decorating process too! Your new lamp is lovely. I know exactly how you feel about not jumping on the trends (which is why I am debating about the big clock) - I tend to like classic, and I think your lamp is classic.

    I am the same way about clothes too. I hate to wear things that are trendy, mainly because I like to wear clothes that will last many seasons and not just one or two.

    As far as the shade color - I will leave that to the experts. I do tend to like light colored shades, but I do see your point about the chocolate shade creating a good balance.

  4. Hi Terri, you have a beautiful, timeless style of decorating. I can't believe you got that etching for $10! It's framed so nicely too.

    P.S. I have tagged you to reveal 6 interesting things about yourself. I hope you don't mind. Lee :)

  5. Terri, I absolutely LOVE that lucite lamp with the chocolate shade. I think it was the perfect choice--Perhaps it's the juxtaposition of the warm chocolate shade with the cool, clear lucite lamp and the antique silver frames on the etchings. Whatever, it works! Also, those etchings are amazing! I found some recently, unframed, amongst some old family letters and papers. Now, I am wondering if I could perhaps have a goldmine there!!! hmmm, I think I will look into it! Thanks for sharing. V

  6. Love the brown shade - great choice. Also love the frames you chose, and the pretty silver bowl/dish.

  7. I have never heard about Lucite before but of course I know what plexiglas is. So now I have learned something new.
    Your lamp looks lovely but it is difficult to say what shade you should have. I like them both!
    And I love your beautiful etchings. They look great in the silver frames.
    xo Poppins

  8. Terri- everything looks so pretty!! It has such an airy, sophisticated feel. I love your etchings.


  9. beautiful things, and I love that silver coloured plate on the commode. the etches are amazing, did you know that I think they bring so much style and elegance? really, you have good taste!
    take care and I will be back soon....

    Solange :)

  10. I love the new lamp! I just posted about a new glass lamp thats kinda the same look- I def love yours though!

    I like both the white and brown shades. The brown looks great, but the white will be nice to have when you want to change it up a bit- I love chaning things around alot :)

    Also, those etchings are beautiful! They look so nice in the frames that you have them in- but I can understand wanting to get them professionally framed down the road. I hate that framing is so expensive sometimes, its almost always more expensive than whatever I want to get framed.