Tuesday, February 03, 2009

~ Our Home Office: Debut! ~

At last - one half of our home office is complete! The other half of the office (where the desk and the old farm table are located) will undergo its own transformation in due time. Then I shall reveal the whole thing...
For now, I'm delighted with the colour of the furniture! It's so gentle. Once the paint was dry, I spent much of Sunday afternoon reorganizing things. The brown fabric boxes on the shelf are from Martha Stewart. They were expensive, so I waited until I got a sale coupon and picked them up for 40% off at Michael's. They are lined inside with a brown & white plaid! I use them for my stationary.

To be honest, now that the furniture is painted this soft blue, the darker blue wall colour doesn't thrill me anymore. I think a soft cream or pale linen brown would be prettier. But for now, I'll leave it as-is. I still need to paint the trim work (soon) and slipcover the armchair. Although David and I are now considering putting a chaise, small sofa, or daybed in here, so the armchair might get the boot!
I think the space looks a lot more tranquil. The little dresser (which I shall put a mirror over) holds bills and house files, and I bought some white storage boxes at Ikea. The big ones on the floor hold files and the small ones on the shelf hold jewellery and craft supplies!
I also treated myself to a bulletin board makeover. I had bought a cheap corkboard at Michael's, and this weekend I covered it with plain brown linen from Fabricland, a relatively inexpensive fabric shop.
I used a staple gun to attach the linen to the frame at the back. I also bought some pure white braid and added trim work (and a bow!). The trim is a little feminine for my liking, but I think I'll leave it pretty for now.Now I have a home for all my inspiration pictures (which I often photocopy from magazines instead of ripping them out).
Here is the other side of the room (opposite the bookcase) which we don't have well organized (sorry the picture is kinda tilted)!

I know decorating magazines complain about displaying family photos too prominently, but I think that's rubbish - we like to see our loved ones every day (even if they're not in classy black & white)! Eventually I'd like the built-in bookcase to look more coherent, so I may re-frame a few items and style it a bit.
I also covered a small bulletin board (below, $5.99 from Ikea) with linen, for snapshots and postcards. I'm not smitten with the location, but I'm running out of walls, and it's accessible for quick changes.
Biscuit really likes the new room as he looks best in complementary colours.
I will share more with you when I attack the other end of the room. I'm now thinking about putting a cozy chair (and footstool), daybed or sofa in here, so we may remove the big table. David & I often spend time in here together, so we need a little more seating.

In the meantime:

* I must hang curtains (white cotton)
* I have big plans for the desk thanks to a suggestion from Joni at Cote de Texas
* I have to install some shelves and figure out some art work for over the desk
* See where we can fit a chair or daybed!

Stay tuned!


  1. You have done a great job!
    I really liked your bulletin board makeover. I've wanted to do something with mine too, but I didn't know what to do. You gave me a good idea/inspiration! =)

  2. beautiful. i especially love your bulletin board- wow!

  3. Great job! I love the colors your used. The bookcase looks amazing, and that cork board is great. I love your idea of adding trim!

  4. Terri, it looks just marvelous! I'm so in love with the bulletin board that I am seriously considering copying you right now. I have everything that I need. The only thing preventing me is that I'm working on the other thing that you showed a few weeks ago...the old frame with the string running across...remember that one.

    Joni has such a beautiful blog. I'm sure that she had a fantastic suggestion for you. I've linked to her kitchen post for tomorrow.

    Okay, that's enough chat for now...off to do some dishes in my dinky wittle uninspired kitchen. LOL!

    Oh, I really do like the color of your walls...hope that you don't change it out too quickly. Once you get the curtains up, it might make all the difference.

  5. Terri, I love it! I love how soothing it seems, and it really is reflective of your great style. You are right, it is quiet. Perfection, in my opinion!

    Can't wait to see what else you are up to!


  6. beautiful! i love the bulletin board. :)

  7. So pretty! I love the soft colors! The bulletin board came out great! Can't wait to see the desk idea from Joni!

  8. I am so impressed with how this looks and how quickly you are coming along with it! I laughed when you said now you don't love the wall color - it's never-ending, isn't it?
    It all looks wonderful - I love the brown fabric boxes and the bulletin board is fabulous! All gorgeous! 3 cheers! I can't wait to see the rest unfold!
    xo Isa

  9. This seriously looks like a magazine! It looks so great!!!!! good job.

  10. It's so lovely what you've done. Love the wall colour and the bulletin board is fabulous! Great post!

  11. Your revamped office is looking stunning already! I particularly love the picture of your ginger haired assistant sitting on the desk surveying the results.

  12. What a great job you have done since last post on this.
    I love your inspiration board. Like you, I dont like to tear out pictures from magazines. I have loads of Post its hanging out of my favourite pages...some magazines I love the whole thing so I just leave that one. I really must buy shares in the 3M corporation!!!
    Ness xx

  13. A resounding success! Like everyone else, I'm totally loving your bulletin board revamp...you could sell them on Etsy.

  14. Terri!! It looks so good! To be honest, I love the darker color on the walls against all the paler ones. I think it gives the room some depth. (I think once your trim is painted, you'll know for sure)

    The bulletin board is beautiful & I love your family photos. you cracked me up when you said what they say about displaying family pics prominently is rubbish! :)

    Beautiful job!!


  15. Love what you have done with your home office. You are lucky- our Fabricland does not sell linen. The search continues.

  16. oh, I love your home office, it's really succeeded well!
    the colour is soft and the furniture stylish, and the whole is cozy.

    enjoy the room!


  17. Your bulletin board looks really elegant with that white ribbon. I love it!
    Your painted furnitures look amazing and the room is inviting and it must be wonderful to sit down to work in here.

  18. I love it! It looks like a breath of fresh air!

  19. Wow!! I love this!

  20. I can't believe I didn't see this post earlier - I have been waiting for the office debut!

    It looks beautiful - I love the color you chose for the bookshelf. It all looks great!

    I can't wait to see you implement Joni's ideas for the desk - she always has great ideas.

  21. Hi Terri!

    Wow, your home office looks lovely with the new shades and I really like your bulletin board :) I think it looks really nice with the white on the beige and the small bow is so cute :) Very nice nuance of pale blue :)

    And Biscuit is so cute :)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Hugs, Susanne

  22. What a nice office. I love your office and of course your kitty, who looks so "king of the roost"!!

  23. Looks terrific. Love, love the bulleting board.

  24. I love:

    1) The pale blue colour
    2) Your mood board
    3) The whole feel of the room
    4) Your cozy cat!

  25. Hm, I meant bulletin board, not mood board - even if it captures the mood of the room!

  26. I love your bulletin board! I used it in one of my posts! The colours you have in your room are so calming and inspiring! I can't wait to see what it will look like with the desk!

  27. I love it Terri! So pretty! What a great room to spend time in!

    And I had to laugh about Biscuit enjoying the room because he looks best in complementary colors. ROFL! You are too funny!


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