Sunday, February 08, 2009

Kitty Love

Biscuit and I had a little photo shoot last weekend.  Hope you enjoy the photos.  I know - others never really understand the love we have for our cat.  The photos towards the end are the best - he really got into his modelling.  Lucky for me his fee is very low.
belly rub time...

pink nose...
lazy shadow chasing...

sun loving...

shadow stalking...
out takes...
a noise...
handsome kitty...


  1. Wow, he is a beauty! I love his pink nose and the lovely colour of his fur. I understand your love for him since I used to have cats of my own. Ofcourse we can love pets!
    Unlucky since in my twetnties I am allergic to cats and all sort of animals with fur. But I still long for a little cat.
    xo Poppins

  2. What a gorgeous ginger cat (and a very fine model). Your photography skills are pretty amazing too.

  3. I was shedding tears watching your cat reminds me a lot that I had. Yours is absolutely divine♥♥♥, congratulations!, there's nothing like having one.

  4. I grew up with cats - I adore them. I imagined being a 'cat lady' when I grew up, with at least 10 cats. Alas, life had different plans - my husband is deathly allergic to cats! So now I have a dog, which is not the same.

    Your cat is so beautiful - I love ginger cats (or marmalade cats). He looks so cuddly. I think boy cats have the best temperaments, don't you?

    Your photography skills are wonderful!

  5. Those of us who love cats get it perfectly! Your cat is the most gorgeous orange with those yellow highlights and beautiful eyes. I can certainly see how a woman could fall for him. (It's disgusting how I romance the cat talk included. John used to feel jealous, but now he's doing it, too! You can't imagine how revolting a development this has been as I imagine that he's talking to me and he's talking to the cat.)

  6. Hi Terri :)

    Aww he's adorable :) I really like his caramel color :)
    I hope you have had a wonderful weekend! I have had my hands full with my course and it's interesting but also quite tiring.

    Have a great week and snuggle Biscuit for us :)

    Hugs, Susanne

  7. I understand perfectly well the love you have for your cat. Why? Because the same thing goes on in my house all the time. People who haven't lived with a cat don't understand the love. The key word is LIVE. People can have a cat and that's not the same. You have to share your home and life with one and then the magic begins...

  8. Well, I love cats... and nowadays I just have to love them vicariously... cuz Mr. BV is allergic....

    Biscuit is beautiful

  9. What great photos of Biscuit. I love how cats will find the perfect spot of sunshine and bask in it.

  10. I LOVE your photos of Biscuit! He is adorable!! ~Mandy

  11. These are gorgeous photos! I've got an orange kitty, too!

  12. Beautiful pictures! I too have a big orange kitty! :)

  13. I totally understand why you love him! He looks perfect! I actually read somewhere that pets are good for your health (stress and blood pressure in particular).

    And Terri, thank you for your lovely comments - and especially the one you made on Kråkvik/D'Oriazo! This is a really important comment, and I agree wholeheartedly! I've been thinking a lot about this lately - I love great styling and lovely interiors as much as the next girl, but as I want to focus on budget decorating I've been feeling that I ought to give my posts a slightly different angle (still cool, though).

    I think that some stylists actually have a "library" of stuff which they use for different assignments, and that they also borrow some items for their projects, so hopefully there is some sort of a "reuse" concept behind their work?

    Have a lovely Thursday =)

    Trudi xo

  14. Hi Terri!

    I'm popping over from Vee's blog as she highlighted your blog yesterday in a post. You have a lovely blog full of such wonderful decorating ideas! It is an area I am sadly lacking.

    Your biscuit is such a handsome regal cat! I especially like the photo of him looking down at his curled tail.

  15. Our pets bring so much to our lives.
    Love your photos. You really caught his personality.
    Happy Valentine's day, Terri.