Sunday, January 04, 2009

~ A Paris Calendar ~

One of my favorite gifts this year was actually a gift I made for David!  

In September, we went to Paris for two weeks and had a beautiful vacation - walking, eating, shopping, and photographing our way around the city of light.  I lived in Paris as a student and forgot how it was one of my first loves.  It also rekindled my love affair with photography: a tumultuous romance I've had since high school!

In case you missed my Paris posts, you can see snapshots here, take shop tours and see the things we bought here and here.

For Christmas, and to commemorate our trip, I made David a calender!  I thought you might like to see the results!

January:  The Eiffel Tower was decorated to honor Paris's role as current capital of the European Union (the role rotates to different cities every 6 months)

February shows our day at the Arc de Triomphe:
 The view from atop the Arc is one of the most beautiful in Paris!

March honored our days visiting the Louvre and the Musee d'Orsay:

April showed some of our golden moments - inside the exquisite Saint Chapelle, atop the Eiffel Tower, and photographing the Pont Alexandre statues:

May is my favorite month. I made a luminous scene using photos of the ceiling inside the Conciergerie, a chandelier inside Notre Dame, and a candle scene inside the church of St-Paul in the Marais.

June featured our sunny day-turned-night visiting Notre-Dame:

My rarely-photographed office assistant, Biscuit:

Another Notre-Dame scene for August - this looks just like a pro calendar!  I shot this photo from the walking path along the Seine, peering up from under the bridge:

September commemorated our autumnal visits to Pere Lachaise Cemetery - we stayed in a hotel with views directly over the cemetery. One of the shots was from our bedroom window!  The cat was a common sight at Jim Morrison's grave.  The upper right photo shows Oscar Wilde's Art Deco-inspired grave, covered with lipstick kisses! 

October is another favorite - this is Napoleon's tomb:

Two shots of the Eiffel Tower, which we visited and re-visited:

Hope you liked the tour!  The missing pages are just photos of us...


  1. I love it! thanks for sharing and the images you chose are great!

  2. Biscuit is so cute...I love orange kitties and had one for years named Sunshine.

    This calendar is so professionally done; it looks wonderful and I'm sure that it was a big hit with David.

    What a great way to linger on vacation.

  3. it's beautiful! i love it. :)

    do you read Paris Daily Photo? ( It's great for enjoying Paris while away.

  4. Well done you are so clever and your photography is fantastic!

    Great looking at all these pics as they are places I have just visited :)

  5. Wow! Absolutely stunning. Such a beautiful gift, I bet David was completely bowled over.

  6. Wow. My goodness. We were in Paris for about 8 days during September/October, and took a lot of photos. But none as good as any of those. Well done!

  7. These are tremendous photos. Just got your comment about the blue and green and totally agree with your line, "green will never be blue." I love blue too.

  8. Now that is a gift that is hard to follow. Lovely.

  9. Anonymous9:53 am

    This was fantastic. I especially liked seeing your office assistant. Many thanks for sharing. Carolyn

  10. What a sweet little calendar!

  11. Anonymous6:43 pm

    Did you do this calendar via iPhoto? It is a pretty calendar.

  12. Yes, the calendar was made in iPhoto and sent directly to Apple for publishing. The cost was about $19.99 US+ $5 or so for shipping to Canada.