Saturday, December 06, 2008

Home Office in Progress

Hello!  I thought I would share some pictures of my home office, which is in progress.  Unlike the oh-so-talented (and brave!) Mrs. Limestone, I will not be posting pictures of this room on Rate My Space .  I am not nearly that courageous!

What I am proud of is that I've managed to put this room together without spending any new money, using things we already own.  But I do desire a new rug, some repainted furniture, and some fabric updates.

Without further ado, here's the room:
The blue dresser (above) came with the house.  I'm presently using it for files.  I'm trying to decide whether to re-paint it (a different colour) - or perhaps a fresh coat of blue and some new knobs will do the trick?  I'd prefer it to match the bookcase (below)...eventually.
A close-up of the dresser:  The big bowl is for bills (I'm behind on my filing).  The cork board ($5.99) is from Ikea.  I plan to either paint the corkboard or cover it in fabric.
A close-up from the bulletin board:   This photo shows my parents' home in eastern Canada, last winter!  It's a cozy and idyllic country spot, nicely forested and with views of the river.
An Ikea bookcase I've had a while:  I like the weathered grey-green colour but once I replace the rug, I think I may repaint it (and the wee dresser) either blue, white or sage green.  Jewellery is stored on the third shelf in small boxes.  Office supplies are in the orange box at bottom.  I originally considered installing a curtain on the front of the bookcase to cover the clutter, but might leave it open.Here's the room:  Our computer table is a kitchen table from David's old place.  He doesn't want me to re-paint it, but I'd like to keep it because it's the perfect height and size.  In this picture you can see the rug, which is "no longer me" (not that it ever was - it was just cheap!).  I bought this many years ago from Home Depot and it has serviced many rooms. It's colourful and not terrible, but I'd prefer to replace it with something pretty and neutral.  I saw a delightful ivory-white wool rug at Ikea, but I don't want to spend much money! 

The old grey armchair (its twin sits in our living room) is in dire need of re-upholstering and may be re-finished, once I figure out my colour scheme.Our work station, with the new iMac.  I love this computer (after spending the last 3 months cursing as I learned how to use it).  The painting is by an accomplished Quebec artist named Pierre Bedard. It was my first real art purchase a couple of years after getting my first job in Toronto.  It's a Chagall-like winter townscape that I love and want to keep in the room.The small lamp on the left-side of the table is a Grono lamp from Ikea, which I covered in a Martha Stewart gift wrap, to dim its light a little.  Grono's come in packs of two and make lovely accent lighting, especially once covered in pretty paper.On my desk, the silver pencil cup came from Paris. I'm using a little paper box for scrap notepaper.  A glass heart container I've had for years holds my memory stick and USB gear.
The other side of the room...with my clutter table.  This is a beautiful country table I bought at auction for $280.  It now serves as a repository for all my clutter.  There's another Grono lamp sitting atop it.  I don't have my curtains up yet - the white rod and a pile of curtains sit near the window!  I will de-clutter this space, and deal with the boxes beneath eventually. 
A built-in bookcase that I really like.  I have tons of family photos and eventually want to style this a little and add more shelves (likely in white) above the big table.

Well, hope you like it!  Do you have any suggestions for a new rug colour (other than white?) and a colour to paint my wee dresser and book case?  I think a blue rug might be nice, with white furniture, if I could ever find a blue rug in the right shade.  Or perhaps a white rug with sage green or light blue furniture?  What do you think?

Then I'll add fabrics (on the corkboard, the armchair, and pillow) to complement the scheme.  Your suggestions are welcome!


  1. Hi dear Terri,

    I just stopped by to have a good read, and to say hello.
    Read bout your beautiful cat Pookey. I am so sorry about your loss!! They become such lovely friends, and I wouldn`t even think about loosing mine.
    I hope you are alright and are able to enjoy this time of the year.

    Have a beautiful day tomorrow!

    Friendly hug,

  2. What a nice space! That is the neatest home office I've seen lately. I am sparing everyone mine!

    You have such a lot of lovely things. It will be interesting to see what color you decide upon for paint. I like your carpet, but can see why you're eager for something different in that room. Good for you for using what you already have!

  3. i love your office! I especially like your built-in bookcase -- it'd be great to have a place for so many framed photos!

  4. Dear Terri

    I need a home office, or more a studio, I have so much things to design and do and so little spade :-D

    Many hugs

  5. Well done, how satisfying. I have the same white ikea baskets on top of your bookshelf, doing duty in my bathroom - very handy.

    How about if you put your 'junk' table centred under the built in shelves - could look good? :)

  6. Hi again Terri,
    Many thanks for your lovely message! You are such a sweetheart :) Hug!!
    I think you are doing a great job you know, not spending money and still making GOOD changes. Not many have the creativity to do exactly that!
    I love the coloursheme that you have used. Brown and blue are so beautiful together.

    I hope your week is a good one!

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