Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Few of My Favorite Things: 1 to 10

While reviewing my Style files the other night, I realized there are many things that struck my fancy over the year that I never blogged about.  I must have two thousand photos of beautiful rooms and objets that caught my eye but didn't make it onto this blog.

So without further ado, this is a year-end round-up of a few of my favorite things that never made it on Wind Lost (unless I've forgotten already).  
I'm a candle lover and these tiny tapers from The White Company steal my heart.  I think they look especially exquisite in small groups of 2 or 3.
This exquisite "Amboise" tablecloth from Pierre Frey (for Yves Delorme) speaks my language.  It would clash horribly with the rose coloured rug in my dining room, but I'd eliminate the rug in a jiffy if I could acquire this beauty.

This romantic bedroom promises sweet dreams -the canopy is so clever and could be interchanged with countless beautiful fabrics.  Photo:  House to Home
This cognac bed by Hickory White is quietly glamourous and utterly perfect.  It is also available in a poster version.
This is one of my favorite living rooms, for the soft colours, the interesting furniture, and the architectural character of the room itself.  I find it very witty that the decorator used two surprisingly different consoles and lamps on either side of the window without affecting the symmetry.  The similarity of the mirrors keeps the eye from noticing this right away!  I would add a coffee table since I always need a place for my drinks and books.  Photo: House to Home
I like these pretty hooks from Graham & Green.
This adorable girly bed would add abundant character to even the simplest room.  I would feel like a princess if this arrived in my house!  Photo: House to Home
Believe it or not, this is my favorite kitchen photo.  You can't see the whole thing, but you get the gist of what I like in a kitchen - pristinely white with marble counter tops, silver fixtures, a chef-worthy range, tons of light, and a really clean design with a slightly traditional and classic vibe.
This sweet demi-lune from Drexel Heritage is for my future dream life, where I will wake up a glamorous kept woman.
I like the look of this comfy quilt from The White Company - perfect for our dream cottage!


  1. A beautiful collection of lovely things! The tablecloth from Pierre Frey is marvellous and would fit perfect at Poppins' home.

    PS Terri, please mail me your address. I would love to send you a parcel with "tomteskum" even though you probably will not get if before Christmas.

  2. You have such exquisite taste, Terri. I am simply shocked that you keep that many photos of what you enjoy. Probably, you must, though, for your classes???

  3. I love these pictures of your favourite things.
    Seasons Greetings to you.

  4. Dear Terri

    Anytime anyone visits my blog and leaves a message, I always like to take a look at their blog and at the very least thank them for leaving a message.

    But I have been busy, so I didn’t get to look at yours until Thursday evening. I had a quick glance and thought it looked interesting, so I promised myself I’d have a better look on Friday night.

    Well, over the course of the last three days I have read your entire blog from its start in 2006 to the present. I have to say I was blown away – your intelligence and humanity shines through each and every post. You can be searingly honest and brave, yet other times playful and funny. And always, always, your writing is truly eloquent and spot on.

    I see a number of parallels between you and myself. Oftentimes I would read a post, and think ‘yeah that’s how I feel’! Except I couldn’t have written it so eloquently as you. Take for instance your post Think About This on 05 July 06. You could have been writing my story – I too used to used to “want the best of everything and everything I did and said needed to reflect what a scholarly and refined person I was”. But as I’ve grown older (39 now) I’ve come to the realization that I just don’t have to try that hard.

    Other similarities include: we both have fine hair (hate, hate, hate it!), have big boobs (try a double e), don’t like our jobs and are still searching for what to do when we grow up, are ‘texture fanatics’, love ‘restful, graceful, tranquil spaces’, have a taste for quality, love white and all things pale and have utterly enjoyed creating our own little nest for ourselves.

    But the one similarity that absolutely gave me goosebumps was our fathers. You see, my father had exactly what afflicts your father.The loss of balance, staggered walk, slurred speech, loss of fine motor skills, swallowing difficulties – that was my father’s lot. We were never given a name for his disease, we were simply told he had a degenerative brain disease, but the symptoms you describe were my dad’s. My dad died in July this year, after 12 long years of illness, including the last three in a nursing home. I am so happy his suffering is over. I wrote about my father in an a post about a month ago when I was doing a 'ten things' tag.

    I am sad to hear that your headaches continue to plague you. I can’t imagine what it must be like to live with chronic pain. I’ve lived with extreme tiredness and depression on and off, but nothing like you have experienced. Here’s hoping for a turn around in 2009.

    So, after such a long message, I want to say thank you for leaving me a message on my blog and enabling me to get a little glimpse into your special world. You are a treasure.

    Catherine xx

  5. beautiful pictures and the colours are so nice. Good taste!
    I will wish you a Merry Christmas early since I will be so busy, I will forget...
    enjoy the days,


  6. The sofa fabric in the living room photo is lovely!

  7. Just wanted to let you know I have featured your blog on my blog :)

    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

  8. Hi Terri,
    Thanks for visiting my blog and for commenting on my Christmas tree =) Your blog is absolutely lovely - I've bookmarked it for adding to my links directory later.
    Merry Christmas!

  9. Wow! What a great round-up of inspiring photos! I think my favourite is that gorgeous living room with all of the colours and sparkle that I love!

    Have a great Christmas, Terri, and I hope the New Year is very good to you. You truly deserve it...


  10. Hi Terri!

    Wow, what lovely things you show us :) So tranquil and restful!

    Hope that you are having a wonderful time and that you get some peace and quiet too!

    Merry Christmas!! :)

    Hugs, Susanne

  11. Dear Terri!

    Thank u so much for the christmas wishes, I wish u and your boyfriend, family and all around u a great holiday and a happy new 2009.

    Many hugs and Love
    /Katarina and family

  12. Gorgeous post. That beautiful. I wish I could see the house that it is part of, because despite the kitchen appearing not to have windows, it is so light and bright.

  13. I'm a first time visitor. What a beautiful blog. I absolutely love those jeweled hooks. So pretty. Thanks for sharing.