Saturday, December 13, 2008

Around Here

Our Christmas tree, a Balsam fir, decorated with collected ornaments from over the years...
A banner I made last Christmas for my front hall mirror...
Some wee ice skates and a beautiful ornament my Mom sent me last Christmas - did you know that I was a figure skater in my youth?  I skated for 15 years and hope to get a new pair of ice skates this Christmas since I haven't skated in years...
Another banner (this one doesn't like to hang straight!) that I placed on the front door of my china cabinet - the 
Christmas tree is reflected in the glass...
My miniature tree in the kitchen, with white lights and green and white decorations...


  1. I adore those little ice skates! everything looks so festive and beautiful! Have a very very Merry Merry!!! and a headache free New Years!

  2. Beautiful skates, beautiful banners...I remember the one from last year because I foolishly attempted to make one. ;> I vaguely remember your saying that you used to figure skate. Hope that you find those skates under your tree so you can have another whirl upon the ice. Your home looks wonderful, peaceful, and cozy.

  3. Beautiful! Merry Christmas!

  4. Gorgeous photos Terri...your home decor is delightful and it's always happy memories when we bring out our old ornaments, the things we've made -- like meeting old friends!