Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Paris Post: A Shop Visit @ Flamant!

While in Paris, I visited Flamant, located at 279 rue St.Honore (75008) near the oh-so-posh Place Vendome.  I don't know how to describe Flamant except to say that it's a famous brand in France and reminds me of a slightly more colonial (and more french) Pottery Barn (with higher prices!).  
The shop had a nice blend of pared-down traditional and contemporary styles, with lots of wood, leather, and old-world references.  This would be a nice place to furnish a business man's study or perhaps a family library.  You could also find accessories for your country home too!

I first knew of Flamant because of their paint colours, which are old-world-y and reminiscent of Farrow & Ball colours.  So when I came across the Flamant store in Paris, I knew I was in for a treat!  

By the way, if the sample pack of their paint colours hadn't cost 60 Euros, I might have shown you some of those famous colours here too.

An atmospheric bathroom with some asian vases:
A handsome decanter collection: 
I think this lantern was my favorite item in the store.  Imagine this gem on your patio table!
A rather masculine room for boy-relaxing time:
It wasn't all dark wood at Flamant.  This showroom featured a lovely collection of bleachy wood that I found rather serene and pretty.  I especially liked the asian accents.
What are these disk things called?  Isn't the celadon one pretty?

These rooms carried on the colonial vibe, with the horns and statuary, baskets and old books:
Nothing like the good old days, playing football and drinking whiskey!  
I loved this display the most - this look is my alter-ego favorite look - modern rustic.  I liked the old spare table, the simple lanterns, the group of small potted succulents, and the little upholstered stools (in different shades of linen).  Simple, down-to-earth and perfect!
More drinking gear!  Now where were those decanters?
Doesn't this remind you of Pottery Barn?  


  1. Oh! Even the "French" version of Pottry Barn is more beautiful! I love those big beautiful arched windows. Breathtaking!

  2. Be sure to return and visit me tomorrow, Terri. ;>

    Yes, that display did remind me of Pottery Barn.

    This just goes to prove how eclectic my tastes are since I liked so much of what is offered. Terri, there is no way that I would put that lantern on my patio table. I'd feature it prominently somewhere in the house. :D

    Has posting a comment changed everywhere? I must check this out at my blog.

  3. Anonymous11:49 pm

    Terri I would love to have a cup of coffe or tea and sit and talk sometime, U know u are awlays welcome to the north of sweden also..maybe your next trip will be scandinavia, we have so much to see here even dough O i think the nature where u are look much the same as here (just my guess).

    And yes I seen both Rome and Budapest now in autumn and It is such a lovely season to travel.

    Take much care

  4. Hello Terri!
    I've discovered your blog through "paris atelier" and what a discovery it is! Beautiful. I love the things you choose. I will be back often.

  5. Hi,
    Thanks for considering Flamant is French (I am French myself) but it is not the case. It is Flemish, from a town in the dutch-speaking part of Belgium.
    And actually, the style doesn't look French at all. These earthy/beige colors, these simplified 18th century shapes, are typical Flemish taste.
    Glad u enjoyed urt stay in Paris! Beautiful pics and beautiful blog!

  6. Anonymous4:43 pm

    You scooped the print media! The Jan 09 issue of Canadian House and Home has a similar story - but you did it first!! :)

    So lovely to see all your Paris shots. I must go get a plane ticket right now...