Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Belles nouvelles choses (pretty new things)

Pardon my french, but I'll be in Paris in 10 days, so already I'm thinking in this gorgeous language!

I've posted some pictures of lovely things I've recently acquired. The first is a pretty little caddy I purchased at my favorite antiques shop in Okotoks, called On A Lark. I believe it's a cracker caddy, but I've re-purposed it as a tea-light holder. I think it does a marvellous job in this capacity, don't you? I don't have many silver things, but this sparking little number really lights up my dinner table!

Next is a considerate wee gift I received from my sweet e-friend, Susanne, in Spain. I won her contest and received a care package containing some wonderful things - a sweet little "Bonheur" linen heart (that I love and which hangs near the front door, so I see it when I come in), a perfect little salt bowl, and three packs of the most amazing spices. My kitchen smelled great for days after I opened the package! Inside I found cardamom, exquisite chilis, and chimichurri (new to me!), which is used in marinades (I've found a recipe!). I can't wait to try them all! Thanks Susanne!


  1. Norma1:06 am

    Hi Terri, Oh how wonderful, your going to France, Can I come with you? Just kidding.How nice that you got that wonderful package from your friend. Some day I would love to go there too. Take care, Norma.

  2. Anonymous8:33 pm

    Your pictures are very nice from Paris? Where are the ones with the candles? Is it a restaurant? You should check out this new travel site I ran across, baraaza.com. I think you might like it.


  3. Hi Terri! :)

    How are you? I was so happy when you told me that the things had finally reached you :) And I'm happy that you like them too :)

    I love your spare bedroom, it will look absolutely wonderful with that bed :)

    I tried to post this comment about five times, I don't know whats been going on with Blogger, or maybe it's my internet :)

    Anyway, I hope you have a lovely Friday and weekend!

    Take care!


  4. What a gorgeous space. I love all of you finds. Have an absolute BLAST in France!!!

  5. Enjoy your time away...thinking in French sounds like such a joy...wish that I could think in English by times.

    I really do think that you came up with a clever repurposing of your cracker caddy...it's beautiful!

    Lovely treasures for a lovely blogger!