Monday, September 01, 2008

Bedroom Inspiration: A Nest of a Room

I've been thinking about re-decorating our spare bedroom on the ground floor. Our house is a four-level split (4 floors), so the ground floor is partially-underground (but with large windows so it doesn't seem submerged). It has a guest bedroom, the family room (which has a fireplace and our television), a laundry room, a guest bathroom, and the back door leading to the garden.

We've done minimal decorating on this floor, but spend plenty of time here. In fact, we've started sleeping in the spare room and rarely sleep upstairs in the master bedroom. You see, the magical thing about the downstairs bedroom is that since the floor is just below ground, the room is perpetually cool in summer. The lower part of the house is surrounded by garden also, so the foliage helps keep in the "cool".

The spare room also has an old-fashioned awning-style window that opens into our neighbor's side yard, where there's a garden and trees. We love having the window open at night, so we can enjoy the sounds of birds and the wind in the trees. It's a charming little room with ever-so-soft light.

Eventually I'll post photos of the room (which is now green) because I've decided it's time to redecorate! I quickly chose a colour - Farrow & Ball's Skylight, a glorious grayish-blue colour that I wanted to use in my living room but wasn't brave enough. It will be perfect for this quiet little room.

I want the new room to be pretty and peaceful, a restful space that is simple and approachable, a quiet spot to read and sleep-in and snuggle, a wonderful nest of a room.

To start, I've collected a variety of photos that convey either the mood I want to capture or a design element I admire:
I love this dreamy floral room. I'm not usually so romantic, but this bed frame is perfect- I covet it, but where do I buy it in Canada? (Photo: Ideal Home UK)This room is perfect too - I love everything about it! But it's the bed frame (upholstered, ivory linen) that I adore most. The bedding is also perfect - simple and classic and full of character. (Photo: OKA direct UK, which I discovered through Joni, the wonderful and wise interior designer/blogger at Cote de Texas)Another perfect bed frame - upholstered ivory linen, with a monogram. I'll take it! And the bedding is simple and soft. I'm not a fan of the rest of the room. (Photo: OKA direct, UK)
Another delightful bed frame - tufted upholstery, and great bedding. Check out the witty little chinoiserie side table! (Photo: OKA direct UK)
Another delicious room - the wall colour is almost identical to what I've chosen, and I plan to do white window coverings too. The bedding is exquisite and I love the "textile as headboard" concept! (Photo: House to Home UK)

I'm not crazy about this room, but I do like the Gustavian headboard. This style is my second choice after upholstered. (Photo: OKA direct UK)
A close-up of a pretty Gustavian headboard. I would not use a checked fabric, but I love the classical simplicity of this style. I also like the natural linen-coloured quilt! (Photo: Country Swedish)
A soft linen valance. I like ivory or natural linen best. (Photo: House of Linnea)

This is the most suitable headboard, although I do not care for a sleigh-bed style frame. I prefer the headboard as it isn't too high, which would work better in my space since the bed will sit in front of a window! (Photo House to Home UK).

Once we return from Europe in October, I'll start painting and bed frame hunting. Any suggestions on where to find an affordable upholstered frame (and please don't tell me to DIY...I want it to look good after all)?

Sadly, I won't be able to buy any of these beautiful bed linens in the UK since the UK King bed is supposedly smaller than a Canadian Queen. Who knew? I still need to check French sizing. Any experts on these bed-size issues?


  1. beautiful pictures! you're off to a great start!!!

  2. Hi!

    Wow, lovely bedrooms!! So much fun decorating and remaking :) I hope you find lots of nice things on your trip later this fall :)

    Have a great week :)

    Hugs, Susanne

  3. Wow!!

    How exciting! :) I hope that the weather is nice when you get here!

    Right now I can definitely tell that fall is on it's way. I can't believe that ppl are still sitting outside here tho :P

    Anyhow best of luck with the packing!!

    Hugs, Susanne

  4. Lovely interiors. I like them all!

    I have an award to you on my blog.


  5. Gosh so many different ideas!!! Its really making me want to redecorate our master bedroom now! There are some great designs and wonderful colours in these photos.

    Right, time to start saving I guess, then I can hit the John Lewis sale!

  6. Anonymous3:41 pm

    HI there, I've just stumbled across your blog while I've been web-searching for an upholstered sleigh bed. I LOVE the last one in this post - can you let me know where you found it? I'm in Canada too. Thanks in advance! Angela