Thursday, April 03, 2008

Wild House: Inspiration

I love the serene energy in this shabby chic weathered Georgian home. This looks like a rustic country house buried in brambles and bushes, but it's located in busy London! What a charming, gentle house. I love the worn, lived-in look, the pale palette, and the historical features. The stairwell banister, the living room ceiling medallion, and window hardware make me swoon with delight...the cozy, comfy decor hits the spot too!

All Photos: Shoot Factory


  1. Terri, I can't see you in such a place without working your special magic. It truly is rustic, but the bones are good. Very good bones indeed.

  2. Hey! What lovely pics!! I like the tranquility in them, very sober!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. This house I imagine in a quiet place, close to the beach. I like everything about it... except for the splotches on the floor. They must look too much like messes the kids used to make! Vee is right; if that were your place there would be a touch of pale grey or green as a final touch that would make this charming place truly outstanding!

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    So if at some point your desire for a family exists, worry not as to what kind of a job you'll do. I see by reading your blog that you are a thoughtful, reasonable woman who comes across as confident. Just the awareness alone that you don't want to repeat history is the biggest start to ensuring a new chapter is written.

    Have a great weekend! We are expecting more snow and rain, so I'm going back to hibernate now. Let me know when it is spring!!

  4. It has been far too long since I've had a chance to sit down and really check out your blog -- I'm in the midst of changing jobs and the last one really kept me from having time for my blog world :-)

    The images in this post are so gorgeous and make me feel so relaxed, I love the furniture. I do hope that you are feeling well! I upped one of my meds a few weeks ago and think it may be increasing my pain slightly, gotta give it a little more time before I can really tell if it's the medication or not, woo hoo.
    Happy friday, friend! :-)

  5. Oh, I want to read that comment...must return before day's end.

    Terri, I have an award for you with no strings attached!

  6. i too TOTALLY love the window hardware! i think if i saw that in someone's house i might embarrass myself fawning over it. too cute.

  7. Love it! The floor is gorgeous...those wide, old planks. Have a lovely weekend, Terri!

  8. Gosh, so lovely! I could move in there right away.
    love Poppins

  9. Oooh, love the rooms in this place. The colors are so soothing and peaceful. If I had no children or pets, that would be my home, lol.

  10. What a beautiful home/house and the photos are stunning. Here in the north parts of scandinavia we still have loads of snow and it keeps falling, I have heard birds singing one morning so that is a good sign that spring is soon here, but who shall take a way all this snow :-D


  11. That place has some gorgeous features, that window hardware and the, so much to love and work with!

    Happy day, Terri!