Sunday, March 16, 2008

Christopher Spitzmiller Lamps

I've been meaning to post and tell you all about my birthday week and the fun day we spent at a country auction (yes, I bought something!). But I've been busy every evening and not feeling so great from a new headache med, so I spent the weekend resting and napping. I did manage to vacuum and we took my 26-year old cousin and his girlfriend out for dinner, but otherwise...kaput!

While lying on the sofa yesterday, I flipped through a pile of my House Beautiful magazines. House Beautiful is one of my favorite decorating magazines, combining the traditional rooms I love, but often pared-down and tuned-up with colourful modern elements. They feature a vertitable who's who of professional designers, and have great interviews to get you inside their creative heads! The magazine has a true love and appreciation for colourful palettes, often based on a neutral foundations.

Pottery Barn milk glass lamps

While visiting Pottery Barn recently, I noticed their milk glass gourd-shaped lamps in vibrant spring colours. These retro-look lamps reminded me of Christopher Spitzmiller's designs, that I've seen again and again in House Beautiful the last couple of years. I kept noticing these lamps (or similar) in several issues yesterday. Finally the mass-market retailers are catching on!

Christoper Spitzmiller is a super-successful ceramicist who's translated his craft into a lamp-making empire from his studios in Manhattan. From location alone, you know his work isn't for the budget-conscious. His lamps are divine creations with classical forms, and according to his website "drenched in bold vibrant rich glazes"! Each lamp is fitted in a handmade wood base that may be gilded in yellow or white gold. The following photos are from his website:

I'm positively smitten with the pink double-gourd lamp below:I've hunted in Calgary for a lamp like this but only managed to find gray and black ones so far. Sadly Pottery Barn doesn't carry a pink one. Imagine how pretty a hot pink one would be in my living room, or in a little girl's room?!

Christopher Spitzmiller's lamps are only available at select US retailers. I don't want to ask what they cost. But be prepared to see lots of knock-offs as this bright, cheery lamp trend will be with us a while! And why not? I'd never tire of one of these stunning jewels in my bedroom.


  1. OKay...I am betting there has to be some type of paint Terri...for glass or ceramic. I haven't done any of this type of thing myself...but there must be. You could just find a shape of lamp you like...paint it hot pink... et voila...your own Spitzmiller ...

    Or.... find a great vase.... drill a hole in the base for the cord..get the lamp "makings" and make your own. Plenty of shades at Linens and Things...or other shops...

    haven't a clue what our dream means.... but it is weird to have it repeatedly isn't it? don't particularly like that one.... but, then I have plenty that I don't like....

  2. Hi!
    What lovely little lamps! I hope that you have had a wonderful birthday and that your headache isnt too bad today.
    Have a wonderful monday!
    Hugs, Susanne

  3. I must confess, I have never been one to spend much time or money on lighting fixtures or lights. The shape and colours of those in your post catch my fancy though and I may just start perusing the light aisle looking for just such a fashionable light.

    Has the new med side effect lessened at all?

  4. Christopher Spitzmiller was nice to learn about. I have not heard about him before. The lamps look beautiful and so do the ones from Pottery Barn. I wish Pottery Barn had stores in Europe...

  5. Oh, BumbleVee's suggestion sounds like just the ticket for the budget-minded such as myself. Hopefully, they'll show up at Target soon.

    I actually prefer a lamp that "goes away" so this would be a stretch, but stretching is good.

    Glad that you had a good birthday week or a "better" week. Hope that we'll get to hear about the auction and what you bought.

  6. Hej Terri!
    Great my postcard finally reached u over there :-)
    I have had a terrible work weekend. Today I have day off and I need to recharge my batteries.

    So I shall just be, not do anything. Next weekend we go skii slope and make great easter dinner.

    Take much care my friend
    Hugs Kat

  7. The lamps are so pretty, Terri. I can see why you're drawn to them. Have you ever looked at Finnish design? I think you'd like some of the things coming out of Finland - very clean and simple. Looking forward to hearing about your birthday and your auction finds. Take care!

  8. Anonymous11:28 pm

    Hi Terri:

    I'm new to your blog but was reading about your headache issues. A good friend of mine has a daughter and husband who suffer from migraines and were at wits end. They were told by someone to see a reflexologist. She was completely skeptical but desperate so they went. She now swears by it. Her daughter has gone from 2 migraines a week to maybe one a month. I don't know if it would work for you or if you've been down that road already but could be worth a try. P.S. I can empathize I get them occasionaly and would hate having anymore than I do. Cheers, Donna

  9. i LOVE the red one -- they're all beautiful, but i adore the red one. and i am surprised to find myself liking the orange one as well.....i usually hate orange. :)

  10. I just got my Pottery Barn catalog "Yellow" today. Course I thought of you when I saw those milk glass lamps.

    Wishing you and yours a very good Easter weekend, Terri.

  11. I love the mango/orange one from the Pottery Barn collection, what a great color! And I love the simple silhouette they give.

  12. Great post! Spitzmiller lamps are sold through two stores in Atlanta, and believe me...they are beautiful (but very expensive!

  13. Noticed your comment about the pink lamps - - just added a pretty pair of vintage pink lamps to their site. You have a lovely blog.