Wednesday, March 05, 2008


A quiet painting by the marvellous Danish artist Vilhelm Hammershøi
Hello sweet Readers,
I've been avoiding you! And it's not that I haven't been thinking about you. I have. Really. I've been feeling guilty about not blogging much these days, especially for myself. My blog lets me write (which I like to do daily), compile and distill my decorating whims (even better!), and journal a wee slice of my life.
But I just can't seem to compose interesting posts in the short scraps of time I have available these days. The reason is two-fold. Since Christmas, I've decided to stop blogging at the reading blogs and no writing blogs (I usually edited posts I wrote the day or days before, but still...this took time and consumed all my breaks!).
I still give myself a half hour or so on the internet at noon, to read the news and the odd blog or decor site. But forgive my lack of comments. I make the rounds and some days break my rule and visit the remarkable Calie (check out this talented decorating goddess!) or Linda (aka Mrs.Matthew Mead, who needs no introduction) or the accomplished Swedish gardener/decorator/photographer/reader Poppins or my new friend Paula (whose values and tastes are remarkably grounded and inspiring in this silly world) when I should be working! But those moments are scarce. I like to check on the remarkable Vee but have hardly had time with all the great Swedish and french eye candy blogs I've found lately. I'm too busy even to post their links!
So that leaves evenings and weekends to blog, and you know about those. So I'm now a weekend power-surfer!
The second part is that I've started working out again (an excuse to eat more!). We bought a posh new treadmill for Christmas (which I don't think I found time to mention). So on evenings when I don't have a blistering migraine (few), I try to go on it for an hour or so. I'm loving it, despite the back pain and the fact that the activity seems to be causing my dormant fibromyalgia to flare up! Some days, I feel like I'm living in a 90-year old body, but that's my difficult and eternally annoying body. But I still enjoy it! After maintaining excellent fitness for so many years and making exercise a huge priority in my life, it took a while to get out-of-shape but now that I am, I really need to beat the odds and whip myself back into it. And it's great to move my body again and re-discover my muscles (and new jiggly bits I never had before).
What's great about the treadmill is that I can read decorating magazines or my novel when I'm doing the walking bits, at least. But reading and running simultanteously are not recommended.
So, I'll blog once or twice a week and hope that's enough to sustain me (and you!). Please keep visiting!
I have so many ideas for posts too: My interior design class is rather boring, but I want to share some highlights. And I intend to write a post about Mariette Himes Gomez, a designer I adore and whose awesome book "Rooms" I'm re-reading. I'd like to tell you about the Eckhart Tolle book "A New Earth" I'm reading (yes, that Oprah book), which is an inspiring little read that neatly summarizes so much of the Buddhism I've read over the years. He's an insightful and deft thinker and writer and anyone would benefit from reading this wonderful book (even if you feel like a sheep reading the Oprah books!)
I should also tell you that next Tuesday is my birthday (hurray!), so we're going to David's Mum's house in the country for cake and celebration this weekend. We hope to eat lots of sweets! And rest....
I also meant to tell you also that our big living room rug arrived today! It's lovely and I'll post pictures soon, but might wait until I re-paint and do new curtains, which could be a while. I'm so undecided on colour but have decided that changing my mind is my divine right.
I also got a wonderful sunburst (sort of) mirror for my bathroom I need to show you! And an adorable salt-and-pepper set from Etsy.
David and I are also making plans for a trip abroad, but I'll share the destination later, as a surprise! You will be so jealous. I'm jealous of myself. And I've booked a flight home in May to visit my beloved Mom and family and can hardly wait...details later. All that to much happening, so little time to write about it!
But I guess life's for living and this year, I plan to do just that!


  1. Hej Terri! Hope u are fine and days are good. Me myself started work again after a week of flu and fever. We have so so so much snow here and I just got my new slalom equipment so we plan to go mountains in easter for skiing, would be great.

    I hope my postcard reached u now... Canada is far away:-D

    Take much care
    many hugs

  2. Hey! :)
    Yeah, lovely little donkey! Unfortunately they don't treat the animals very well down here :(
    I like the painting! Very tranquil.
    Yeah, show us some donkies :)
    I hope your headaches are as calm as can be.
    Have a wonderful, and hopefully sunny too, thursday!

  3. Exactly, life is for living!

    ...and your life sounds very busy, full, and exciting just now. I am glad that you are putting blogging in its proper place...somewhere lower on the list.

    I shall always be checking in on you...two times a week, one time a week, whatever you have for us will be so rich and delightful that it will be all joy.

  4. Hi Terri, Thank you for the shout out! I too, feel like I wish I could blog more, but sometimes there isn't enough time in each day. And getting on your treadmill is probably way better than sitting in front of your computer. You also write long wonderfully written posts, so I imagine they take time to formulate. But once or twice a week is plenty, enjoy your life, David, and relaxation.

    Have a wonderful day.

  5. hi Terri,

    it sounds like you are making good choices for yourself, so don't feel guilty at ALL. just write when you need to or want to, and we'll enjoy the posts.

    spring is coming--i hope you are getting more warmth up there. thanks for the kind mention, and stay well!


  6. Hello :) I'm not sure I want to know what kind of fabulous vacay you have in the works!

    I read that E. Tolle book when we first moved here, along with The Gift of Change by Marianne something or other - both very impacting on me. Funny enough when I was home last summer I had a long phone conversation with A. Sexton and he also had just read both - made for interesting chat.

    This all reminds me that I really wanted to watch Oprah today and see what all Bill Cosby has to say and find out why he is wearing sunglasses(?).

    Looking forward to seeing you at Easter. Interested in a spa day?

  7. ARE a busy girl, aren't you?? I am so happy for you that you have so much loveliness going on. Your trip sounds very exciting and you must be looking so forward to seeing your parents.

    I hope you feel better, and perhaps the exercise will help...although the "ailments" that come with it aren't much fun either. I'm dragging around a bum hip and knees myself, despite exercising regularily again...I feel like a 90 yr old, too!!

    I've been a bit slacker with my blog, too, as things are just so busy and I am trying to get myself to bed at a decent hour, which is when I normally wrote...

    Take care, Terri, and I can't wait to see the updates to your home when they are complete. Your taste is impeccable, as always!


  8. Hi Terri,

    As they say Quality is better than quantity.

    Racheal x

  9. I can relate to much of what you write. I have been terrible about blogging lately as we have a new puppy, and February is one of my busiest months from a work perspective. And, I was sick on top of everything! Things are getting back to normal, the puppy seems to be a little more predictable now (and housebroken), so I hope to get back to blogging but I am definitely only going to do one or maybe two posts a week.

  10. Sweet Teeri! I know just what you mean. The time flies away and I have not been visiting all my blogging friends as much as I want to. But I am here in cyberspace whenever you want to visit me. And I know that you are there for me!

    Looking forward to all your posts you are going to write. I am curious about your trip - I have started to envy you already. :)

    hugs from Poppins
    gardener/decorator/photographer/reader :D