Saturday, February 23, 2008

New Lamp Arrival!

New Rosedale lamp (formal) with sample Annapolis lamp (informal) in background New Rosedale lamp with miniature carnations in foreground (yes, they're still alive!).

My new crystal lamp arrived yesterday! I was so excited, I picked it up at the shop immediately and lugged it home on the train (rather heavy!). I've set it up on the sideboard with the smaller sample lamp (which had a different pattern...and now needs to go back to the shop!).
Large Rosedale lamp, with chrome trim

The new lamp is far more formal, with a pattern called Rosedale. It's very tall and elegant and I find it quite beautiful! Despite the traditional look, I chose the chrome (silver) finish, which I prefer.
I'm still on the fence though. The more informal, curvy Annapolis pattern (the smaller lamp, below) has grown on me! I'll need to decide this weekend which pattern I like best, and perhaps re-order the lamp. I'm definitely happy with the size and scale of the new, taller lamp, as it better fits the space.

Annapolis sample lamp (informal) in brass


In the meantime, I've not been blogging much as I have a terrible case of sinusitis and had a CT scan this week. I don't see my doctor again until Tuesday for a prescription, so I'm suffering terrible congestion and sinus headaches in my face. Ugh.

Our new living room rug didn't arrive Thursday, as planned, so I'm rather annoyed. Hopefully it'll arrive next week and I can get on with my life and can finally move forward with painting the living and dining rooms. I really like the existing green colour, but think we need a change. I'm experimenting with blues right now, painting bristol board and cutting up chips to stick on the wall...

I loved the Farrow & Ball blues and got sample tubs of Pale Powder, Skylight and Borrowed Light, but was surprised that they all read greenish-blue in my room. They are stunningly pretty colours, very historical-looking blues with a green tint, but just don't work with my more primary sage green furniture. So I've moved on to some Benjamin Moore grey-blues...

Will keep you posted on progress...


  1. Sorry to learn that you're dealing with yet another health issue, which probably doesn't help the migraine situation one little bit.

    The new lamp is wonderful! The silver base is very nice and seeing the formal Rosedale there, I do think it blends in best. But, what do you think? That's far more important.

    Have a good weekend...looking forward to seeing the carpet in your room and all the painting that you'll do. Did you say that you are actually considering Benjamin Moore? ;>

  2. The lamp is gorgeous...and I will admire it from afar. I would never think to have something expensive or fancy here because accidents seem to happen a lot.

    You are the first person whom I've read that actually does the paint chips on the wall. It is interesting how some samples change a tiny bit, but just enough, to not quite be the colour you really want. I can't wait to see your finished room!

    Good luck with the CT. What do you think it might show? Have you had scans before? Are you looking for an anomoly in facial/nose structure? I'm trying to think what would show up on a CT. As Vee noted, this would be awful to have on top of your migraines.

  3. Your lamp is so pretty! A very lovely addition to your beautiful home. Hope all goes well with the CT scan and that you're feeling better soon!

  4. Just found your blog and I LOVE it. Way to go! And, thanks for educating me on Canadian craftspeople. I really enjoy learning about new (to me) individuals who are doing unusual things well.

  5. The lamp is lovely. I really like the silver base better as well.

    I have BM Silver Gray (2131-60) in my ensuite and will be painting it soon in the master bedroom, as I love it. It looks quite gray on the chip but on the wall and especially in daylight it is a lovely blue-gray colour. Not sure if that is what you are after but it doesn't have any greenish tones to it.

  6. So niiiice lamp

    Love and hugs

  7. It is a very beautiful lamp and I think you did right to choose the silver one. It is harder to say which pattern is the most beautiful but I think I like Annapolis best.

  8. Wow, the lamp is gorgeous. Very classy, just your style! Keep us posted on your scan.

  9. Hi Terri!

    Sorry for my absence lately. I have not been doing that much with my own blog, except forcing myself to keep a presence there. I hope your CT scan went well and that you will get some relief.

    Your lamp is very elegant...very classy, like you!!

  10. Thats a very pretty lamp Terri! Good buy