Friday, February 15, 2008

My blue

Ever since I was a little girl, I've loved the colour blue most of all. How does a child make a spiritual connection to a colour? And how does it last a lifetime? How did the colour blue become something I feel connected to, as silly as that sounds?

I think it began simply because I had blue eyes. People fussed over their colour when I was a child, especially when my mother dressed me in something blue (which she did often). She realized very quickly that I looked marvellous in blue, and it became this very "Terri" colour. I felt so special to be so admired for my blue eyes. From the age of 3 or 4, I began to list blue as my favorite colour and that has not changed. Half my wardrobe is blue. My eye still loves it most when I see a line-up of coloured things. Blue is the crayon I choose, the game piece I pick, and the mug I take from the cupboard most. Most of my pottery is blue, and much of my jewellery is too! I have blue shoes and sandals, blue handbags and most of my pyjamas are blue.
But the funny thing is, when I first got back into home decor, I never chose blue. I didn't pick blue for fabrics, nor for furnishings, and I didn't pick blue paint either. I can't explain it, but it didn't initially appeal to me, perhaps because I'd read those warnings about blue being cold and terrible for a north-facing room, and simply not warm and inviting. Blue also seemed a bit gauche, actually, with those formulaic pretty blue and white country rooms everywhere. Not the look I was after. And the nautical theme was seriously overdone by decorators everywhere (I suffer from nautical disease myself, so I know the pain of abstinence).
So, although I hungrily wanted a blue bedroom (north, of course), I veered away from it and shut it out of my brain. To solidify things, I visited a stunning house belonging to friends of a friend and they had several all-blue rooms, which did feel rather chilly, especially when compared to their other warm and cheery rooms.
So I forgot about blue.
Then one day, sitting in my living room, I leafed through a decorating magazine and came across an utterly perfect all-white room, accented only with the most tranquil blue drapes and a blue and pink abstract painting on the wall. It was love at first sight. Those drapes whispered in my ear, "remember me, my love?". I'd found my blue again!

The drapes I saw were like these, a pale-grey blue, possibly my favorite shade of blue
Since then, I see blue whenever it's there. Little splashes of blue, a faint blue in the corner, a soft blue blanket. It's attracts my eye like never before. And I still dream about those blue drapes (and intend to have some made for my living room, eventually). I have plans for a blue laundry room and perhaps even a blue bathroom. Blue works with my desired palette, which will eventually mean a house full of whites and creams, browns, and blues. I will still have my dashes of pink and greens, but slowly I want to move towards a very au natural earth-sea-sky inspired palette.
I think it's all about choosing the right blue and using it carefully, artfully. It's a serious colour and despite its quiet charm, can be handled very badly and can look very flat and boring. A little goes a long way!


So without further ado, here are some rooms that make a rather persuasive case for blue (all photos from Domino, unless otherwise stated).

Above: A traditional blue room where liberal use of white freshens up the abundant blue (from Southern Accents)

Above: Exquisite blue china, almost electric blue! Best used match your jewels perhaps?Above: A very fresh bathroom in a curious shade of blueAbove: A graciously restrained blue country room (Country Living) Above: Handsome slate blue. Dark slate blue is my favorite blue next to those pale grey-blues (Tom Scheerer Design)
Above: My kind of nautical...restrained, quiet references

Above:: Showcasing a smart blue china collection, definitely someone's cup of tea! (House Beautiful)

Above: Remarkably quiet for such a detailed room (Tom Scheerer Design)
Above: A traditional chair, regal in navy blue suit-like fabric

Proof that blue doesn't have to be meek!


  1. Åh, Terri, so many beautiful pictures! And so fun to read about your love to blue. Thats is the way I feel about green and now it strikes med that I have green eyes! :)
    I love every shade of green in nature. And I always pick green if I have the opportunity. But I do not have much green in my home. Well, I have green china, green table clothes and a green sofa but green is not the colour that dominate my home.
    But I do have a lot of blue - the dark rich blue colour like the one on you first picture of china. And the funny thing is that I am NOT a blue person. I nearly have any blue clothes and absolutely no navy blue. Blue does not suit me. But the blue sky or the blue sea makes my heart sing. So I love my blue interior.
    And I have a blue bedroom. The walls are in a dark blue colour - otherwise we can not sleep through the sunny summer mornings...
    Your blue post really inspired me!

  2. I've enjoyed looking at all these photo selections. Your sense of style is so refined. Now I'm wondering what shade of blue your eyes are...dark slate? gray blue?

    My sister was always dressed in blue as a child for the very same reason that you were — her beautiful blue eyes. She rebelled against blue quite early on, but her wedding dress was blue. It suited her.

    It must be wonderful to clothe yourself in your favorite color. When I dare to wear yellow, people start asking me if I am ill. LOL!

    I am not a fan of blue myself. I find that I begin to feel "blue" after being around too much of it. But in small doses...a splash of blue here or there or a slate blue is calming. Have you ever considered painting your ceilings a pale, pale blue?

    You know, blueberry lovers are really quite rare. So here's a toast to us for being two of them!

  3. Great Post Terri. Thanks for your lovely comments on my Blog!

  4. I feel the exact same way about blua as you, and I also never chose it interiorwice. Until I buildt my new house. I now have blue accents in the bathrooms, and a bold floral wallpaper with blue flowers in my bedroom. I even paintet a cabinet blue for my bedroom. I'm so happy I did, I have missed the color. But I haven't dared to paint the walls blue yet. Maybe soon, it certainly looks beautiful.

  5. Great post about Blue! I have very green eyes and I suppose that is why I prefer green over blue?!!

    Thanks for all the loveliness here today!


  6. What a calming and relaxing post today! I love all the shades of blue. My bedroom is an oddish shade of blue; I will find a picture to post so you can see. As to eye colour; mine are hazel and no one can ever tell what colour they are (it's ..why yes..what colour are I love anyone's eyes when the colour just pops out!

  7. Hi Terri,

    Great post. You do such a great job explaining your choices, which, along with your good taste, adds up to a fabulous post.

    Check this out:


  8. pcbvv
    All of the pictures are so beautiful and peaceful. Great post Terri!

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  10. I love every shade of green in nature. And I always pick green if I have the opportunity.

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