Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Beautiful Books by Ryland Peters & Small

Allow me to introduce a trio of friends who have brought me great pleasure in the past few years...Ryland Peters & Small.
Ryland Peters & Small is a UK-based publishing house which produces the most exquisitely lovely books on interior design, as well as lifestyle subjects like food and drink, gardening, body and soul, and babies! They have awfully pretty wedding books too. But mostly, I am smitten with their interiors...
The photos in the decor books are simply stunning, beautifully styled and perfectly-lit. All the photos appear to have been taken on a fine spring morning in the prettiest homes in England. Clear, natural light streams into the rooms...
These books are definitely the beautiful people of the publishing world. But while the architecture and character of many of the homes is sublime, the decors are not always expensive. They often appear to be more found style and slowly acquired, rooms that you cultivate over the years...
I adore these books! I've borrowed many at my library, and have even invested in a few of my favorites. If you're a serious decor junkie, you've likely already seen a few of their titles, and some of their famous photos (many of which are recycled in several of the books). I guarantee that everyone has seen at least one shabby chic photo from their The Relaxed Home book!

I know you will have some lovely moments with these books. But I cannot be held responsible if you fall madly in love and cannot look at another decor book again...


  1. The cover photos are beautiful and seem to show that clean, spare style that you love. I can see why you're drawn to them. Have a great day, Terri!

  2. Looks like some lovely new books to check out!

    Thanks Terri! Have a great week,

  3. That lighting is exquisite, which reminds me, perhaps I should wash windows today.

    Off to see if they are available for perusal at Google Book Search.

  4. ...that would be a "no" since there are no previews available. Darn! I'll have to do it the old-fashioned way, which will suit Melissa to a tee. :)

  5. thanks for sharing other titles...i have two (style on a budget and family living) that really are always full of new inspiration. i agree, ryland, peters & small are the best!

  6. Thanks for posting these-I can't wait to check them out. I enjoy reading your blog! I also love a clean, simple look.

  7. I think I`ll invest in some of them, thanks for the tips and have a nice day:)

  8. I hadn't heard of these books, however I'm still learning about where to find great decor stuff. I will write this name down and do some hunting. Thanks for the suggestion!

    Looking at the all-white rooms, I agree they look nice but the brightness in them makes me sleepy when I'm sitting in one on a sunny day. That's not mentioning the 4 animals or 2 kids either. All-white for another time. Those white rooms look much nicer in magazines than in any house I've been in thus far.

  9. Lovely lovely inspiring covers, I want all of them.

    Hope u are ok.

    Many hugs
    fr working Katarina

  10. Ooh, those books seem lovely! I have to get them somehow. I already have 'the Relaxed Home' and it is full of beautiful pictures!

  11. Lovely books! The photos are outstanding. Recycle home sounds very interesting.

  12. Hmmm...these look awfully interesting...guess I now have something new to scout out in my little town, or more realistically: Amazon.ca!!

    Hope you are suffering less from your headaches...