Monday, February 11, 2008

10 Things I Love

Natural light is the most important quality in making a space beautiful. Multiple unadorned windows, pale colours, and a spare hand in decorating enhance the light in this already architecturally-stunning space.

2. I love STORAGE:

These simple and inexpensive bins are decorative and sensible too! 3. I love WHITE:
It creates the most restful spaces and gives a gallery-feel to all your special pieces...

4. I love WHITE with colour!

These white spaces with pretty splashes of whimsical candy colour make me smile all the way to my soul...


Think outside the box (or inside!)...

6. I love PINK:

I adore a dash of pink in every room. This room is a little busy for me, but the lamp steals the show. I don't know when I fell in love with this colour but it has me wrapped around its little finger!

7. I love ART:
Sophisticated, simple, naive, or is a glorious gift to our eyes and our minds. It doesn't have to complicated...whatever you can afford or make for yourself is fine, as long as it makes you happy and proud to display it. The choices of frame and mat shapes and styles is endless.

8. I love BLUE:

Blue has always been my favorite colour and I never tire of it, in all its hues.

9. I love FURNITURE with HISTORY...

Good quality furniture with character and simplicity doesn't need to be replaced, just loved...

10. I love that LESS is MORE...

One super-star piece is all that's required to make this hall captivating!


  1. I love...your blog, lol! Seriously, I agree with nearly all of your favorites. I really enjoy your pictures and ideas. Thanks for sharing them!

  2. I agree with everything you said except for one. In my world, less is less. :)

    Have you been finding it very helpful to actually write down what you love? Have you started your course yet? Will you be able to share a taste of it with us? I'm so full of questions...

  3. Blue is my favourite colour followed closely by yellow. I also think that less is more and much prefer a less cluttered look. I love plenty of storage. I'm not as keen on white as you are though. There are classy whites...perhaps for those without dogs and kids? Otherwise it turns fingerprinty-gray. I like colour. Rooms of yellow, blue, green...some people do the pale extremely well (Restyled Home and yourself for example) and others do an amazing job with vibrant colours on the walls. I sort of limp along somewhere in the middle!!

  4. Once again you've captured my imagination with your wonderful post! You have exquisite taste and it shines through in your blog!

  5. A lovely post- I enjoyed all of your selections!

  6. What a happy post and such a great list. I love white too, but have a hard time keeping it clean :-(

  7. I almost love what you love !!!
    But less is more is my favorite

  8. Great inspiration photos! That first one is stunning.

  9. You find the most beautiful pictures! I love them all but the blue chairs made my heart fly. :)
    I wish you a nice Valentine's Day.

  10. I love everything the same, except less is more - I'm more is more!


  11. Hej
    I do love all the things there. And especially the natural light we have around us. Unfortunatley we have no light outside from november till now in february so when the sun gets back we jump of joy and all people are outdoor and sort of get out of winter sleep as the bears here do :-D

    So light, yes, that is great right now.

    Many hugs

  12. Did you crawl inside my brain and write that...? I love everything you picked!!!

    Your blog is very sophisticated and fun...I hope that's a sign that you are feeling better and are more carefree?? A girl can hope...

    Take care,

  13. Ok. So we love all the same things. It's official. We must be related. :)