Monday, January 21, 2008

What I Like About...

When I look at decor photos in magazines and online, I'm usually quick to decide whether I like or dislike a room, regardless of the style. I am seldom on the fence with my tastes.
I can appreciate a beach house, a mountain lodge, a slick city apartment, or a simple suburban bungalow if it is well done. Now that's where it all becomes subjective because what I consider visually arresting may seem horrible to you. Isn't it great that we are all so unique in our tastes, so subtly different in what warms our hearts?
In an effort to develop my innate taste, I look carefully to identify the particular qualities that I love about a room. What instantaneous essence does a room possess that makes me love it (or hate it)?
Here are some rooms I like, for various reasons.


Although this room is a bit fussy for my tastes, I love the subtle use of colour with those pretty pinks and blue-greens. The beautiful panel screen is an odd but graceful piece, and the little stools are whimsical and cute:

This room is all about bright colours, but they blend beautifully. The glorious rosy orange curtains are a perfect foil to that bright primary blue wall, a colour I would not have picked but which seems perfect! The traditional chairs in silky mauves are totally unexpected, but harmonious with the blue. Pure fun! The gray chair in the foreground and the bookshelves seems to ground the room: *

As you know, I love pale rooms. But I also adore dark wood! Here I love the use of a beautiful traditional heirloom Persian rug and dark furniture with a light and airy beach house. So unexpected! And that darling round coffee table is another sweet surprise, breaking up all those straight lines of the overhead beams:

Who doesn't love an alcove? What looks, at first glance, to be a charming english cottage reveals a travelling spirit with bright pink and red fabrics and exotic floor tiles! The graphic vase speaks of magical places...

I'm mad about pale walls and brightly-coloured chairs, especially in pink, my all-time favorite chair colour! Every room needs a pink chair. Who can be sad in a room like this, with TWO pink chairs!!!?

Another cheerful room. The decor isn't to my taste, but the colours are undeniably pretty. And the nautical theme isn't too overdone. I love these candy blues and reds with crisp white walls. If these were crayon colours, I would pick them all as my favorites!

This room is way too busy for me, but again I love the pale walls and furniture with the blue and pink accessories. Living in an all-white world works for me when I can have these pretty, gentle, romantic colours all around to mix and match:

An elegant pale room, with sophisticated blue accents. I'm a sucker for a dignified pattern on a pillow! This room says "sophisticated people live here":

White done to elegant perfection, with a dashing mix of pattern (four different ones?) and texture on the chairs. A flourish of dainty pink flowers tops off the romance!

Another crisp white beach house, with all-white furniture, but lots of texture and variety in accessories. Notice that the blue accessories match the gorgeous abstract painting over the fireplace. The wool rug and sofa table also look like great character pieces, spicing up a very simple room! Of course, the amazing architecture and windows mean you could decorate this space from Walmart and it would look great:

A simple, pretty landing. I like the fluffy round rug, which softens all the vertical lines!

Classic serene white with lots of rustic elements: a great coffee table, stools, rugs, and basket. Clean and new but honest and approachable:

I threw this one in because I do love a modern space. The windows are killer,and I love the long wood bench and 4-cube ottoman. I could live without the black leather sofa and the hide rug. I even like the odd vertical fireplace, which is utterly unique:


  1. I always enjoy seeing the room selections you use to describe your decorating tastes. It's incredible to me that you are able to articulate exactly what it is that you appreciate about each room. I am still at the gut level it/don't like it. I think I need to develop some of your analytical ways.

    Oddly enough, I have been working on a similar post. I am going to juxtapose what I really am drawn to against what I have. Should prove interesting if I can actually pull it together. Hope that it's not too depressing. LOL!

  2. These are some fun rooms, thanks for the inspiration. I always find myself drawn to pale walls as well, with big windows! Hmm... it's probably my winter depression talking though... I miss the sun!

  3. The pictures you show are all lovely. I am just like you - I want to have all the rooms. I can never decide what style I like most så I try to mix them to my personal style. Or maybe I should buy a palace so I can have one room in every style? :)

  4. i think it's great to have a strong reaction to something, to instantly know whether you like or dislike it. of course, there are also objects that grow on us with time, right? these are beautiful rooms.

  5. oddly enough , I like that last modern one the best! I love the clean lines---the punch of green on the fireplace--the airy windows.

  6. I love the last room, too. I am so drawn to that particular shade of green around the fireplace. I also love the landing with the fluffy, round rug. I wish I had the ability to create these clean, beautiful spaces. I seem to have such a hodgepodge of stuff with no clear vision...ah well. Your blog will certainly help me bring my vision into focus. Thank you for the inspiration!

  7. these are all so beautiful. i love modern lines, as well. but i struggle with the thought of actually having a room like the last one b/c i've yet to sit on a couch that looks like that and is comfortable. you know what i mean?

    and comfort is so important to me - why pay $$ for a beautiful room if you and your friends can't be comfortable sitting in it?