Sunday, November 25, 2007

While the Cat's Away...

David went to his Mom's house this weekend, so I decided to do some shopping.I bought a darling 42" reproduction pine tree at a lovely store in Okotoks (a sweet town south of Calgary) called All Through the House. The lady even delivered the tree to my house last evening since I wanted one in a box and she only had the store model. Luckily, she lives right near us, so when she came home from work, she brought me a brand-new tree from her garage! The tree cost $42, which was way more than I expected to spend, but I'd spent all of Saturday searching high and low and couldn't find a quality-looking tree in the size I wanted. So I spent last evening trimming the new wee tree, which sits atop my kitchen counter. I wish I'd bought more lights (I had a 50-light set)! I added lime-green cloth garland (with the wire, which I'd never used before but love!). I wanted to add more garland, but only had 3 packages that I need to keep for the big tree. I used mini-ornaments that I had already had (Zellers, my new favorite Christmas supplier, thanks to Linda!), including a few mercury-glass balls (from Chintz & Co). The mercury-glass balls kind of look like mini disco balls to me (see left-most ornament in photo below...). I also added a little birdie in a nest, who looks very content!I didn't have any tree toppers, so I used this little pony ornament, which I paper-clipped to the tree.
David will be very surprised when he gets home. He gets to have his BIG tree with the multi-coloured lights in the living room, and I have my very own kitchen-counter tree with the colours I wanted! I wanted to buy more ornaments (icicles and stars, like in the photo of my dream tree below) but decided to stick with what I already own!

Happy Holidays!


  1. Now that is a splendid compromise! Your darling wee tree is charming beyond words and you'll enjoy it so much in the kitchen where, I imagine, you spend a lot of time. How nice the way it all worked out so that you could have it the way you wanted from its arrival to its decorations.

  2. What a great compromise, Terri! I love your special tree. So sweet! I love all your new photos on the side bar and the sneak peeks into your house! You and your handsome honey, too!

    Happy decorating, compromising and first Christmas in your lovely home!


  3. Perfection Terri...of course I knew you'd find an elegant way to have the best of both worlds!!


  4. I live in Okotoks and "All through the House" is my favourite store too!! You have great taste.

  5. Hello there Terri! I've been reading a bit but I've been a bit sleep deprived to respond. Your tree is so pretty. It's given me some inspiration to do a "mother/daughter" tree for my little girl. I won't be putting up a tree this year as my baby boy will probably want to eat it. I've been feeling kind of bad for denying my little girl of one though. So now, thanks to you, I've got the perfect compromise too! Enjoy your pretty little tree and rock on with the disco fever tree. I love it!

  6. what a sweet little tree! I've been collecting birds for my livingroom tree, and I just bought a new peacock, cardinal and I have a beautiful white dove I haven't used that I was gifted last year. I can't wait. I'm using Pheasant feathers for (try getting that out) a topper this year! pretty pretty pretty. as of now, just a big vacant tree in the living room with a migraine.

  7. I KNEW you'd find a happy medium! I love that little tree; it is elegant and looks perfect on the counter. I also like the photos of you in your home, on the right side of your blog.

  8. Very pretty. I'm always torn on the light issue, but pretty much put it to rest when we bought a big pre-lit tree (white lights). Every now and then childhood calls and I wish I had colored lights, the kind with the big retro bulbs! Love your blog.