Friday, November 16, 2007

Tree of Dreams & The White Light Debate, Etc.

I really like this idea for a Christmas tree. I can't find many great Christmas tree pictures online, and this is the only tree I've seen, other than in magazines, that is really simple and pure and pretty and to my tastes...this season. This tree looks slightly too bare, so I would add a few more ornaments, but it's the right idea. And it fits with my green and white and silver colour scheme! Hurray!

And yes, this tree has white lights. In my last post, I broached the subject of white versus coloured lights and seem to have struck a nerve. Then, sweet Melissa at The Inspired Room wrote a very observant and inspiring post about coloured light options (wow!) to which one of her readers noted the "snob" appeal of white lights. And other people write that they are tired of white and are using colours again! Apparently now that white lights are everywhere, everyone has contempt for them! Boring old white lights. What drudgery! Hmmm. And apparently, children and men don't like them either! So there. Take that, Oppressive White Lights!
Well, just for clarification, I wanted to say that I STILL want white lights for my tree simply because I think they are elegant. Period. I am not a snob. And I don't care if now I'm uncool because I'm not suddenly rejecting the trend that a few years ago everyone was eager to follow. It's like the Gucci handbag. First the rich folks had it, then the common folks got it, and now everyone hates it because everyone has it. The same phenomenon happens when anything becomes ubiquitous, which can almost happen overnight with the bloody internet and a Costco membership.
Which reminds me. I was reading an article the other day in which the writer was ashamed to say that she was reading "Eat Pray Love" because everyone else is reading it. And who wants to be like everyone else? Well, how ridiculous. If they sell it at Costco and you are shopping there, chances are you are so uncool it doesn't matter anyway, so just read the darn book and enjoy yourself.
Which is not to say that I follow this advice. I will admit that I haven't read the Harry Potters nor "A Million Little Pieces" nor "Memoirs of a Geisha" or a hundred other great books simply because they were popular. In fact, I prefer to read great piles of dusty obscure novels, or long-dead authors, or do my popular-fiction reading about 10 years after the novelty has worn off. I have just read "The DaVinci Code" and would highly recommend it to the 12 of you who haven't read it yet.
Anyway, all this to say you should do whatever the heck you like. And when it comes to Christmas trees, I don't care if I'm an elitest white light snob, or, um, a lowly commoner following the crowds. I just want white lights for my humble little tree because I happen to think they are the most beautiful, to me, right now. And for the last 37 years, I've had coloured lights. So now it is time, my friends, for a change. :)


  1. Thank you! I love white lights on a tree because I love a winter wonderland sort of tree with white crocheted snowflakes and crystal icicles dripping down.

    And, I love color, too. I may need more than one tree again. :O

  2. You are too funny. This was hilarious. Of course, I too have white lights and will continue to have them. I do like the look, but I have had white lights on my tree for probably 18 years so thus my new interest in bulbs of color. Is that the P.C. way to refer to them?

    So, I think we have an understanding here, if you have had colored bulbs for 37 years, and I switched from colored lights about 18 years ago to white lights, we are ready to swap places. Nothing to do with in or out, just bulb fatigue.

    And really, like I said, I don't follow trends anyways. I really don't care what is in or not in. I just do my thing. Which is still white bulbs, but I am kind of wishing I had amber bulbs. But I don't. And I don't intend to change all 50 strands of lights to amber just because my current fancy is gold instead of white. I'm practical too.

    So, you enjoy your white lights (snob?) and don't concern yourself with falling out of style, or being the caboose of a style. Who really cares anyways, really? I don't know who makes up those rules.

    Shall we discuss fruitcake next? :-) I've heard they are coming back in vogue.


  3. Yes Melissa, let's discuss fruitcake next. I want to make the one that takes 6 weeks to make properly. There is just enough time...

  4. i hear you. :) it is so true, tastes in books, movies, music. it's cool to find something new, but the reason something blows up and becomes wildly popular is often because it has such mass appeal -- so who cares if you're the last one to the party?

    i like white lights as well -- i may even think of having white lights on our little tree this year. or maybe GREEN! that'd be fun.

  5. I started using just white lights in Germany, where everything is decorated in white lights. I then added red holly lights which I adored. Now I have kids and the coloured lights are back on too. I read obscure books and I've read Oprah's freakin' "book of the month"....however, I read them FIRST before she ever profiled them. She's such a copycat! I am happy to live in a country where we have the freedom to put forth our opinions and yes, judge others. I like all the stuff and the ideas I get from these great blogs. The best form of flattery is to take ideas from others, 'cause heaven knows my head is too full of other boring crap to come up with creative, fun stuff!

  6. Guess who's been discussing fruitcakes already! that's who...see November 7. Or you can just drool over the fudge recipe that has recently been posted.

    And I adore Truman Capote's story "A Christmas Memory" about making fruitcake. Omigosh, you can find the complete story online. That's so cool!!

  7. Hi Terri,
    I'm with you...I'm sticking with the white lights for one main reason: when you squint your eyes and look at them, they truly look like stars...almost magical.

    Personally, I think anyone who says colored lights are coming back "in" is just hypothesizing...Last I heard, there is no universal Christmas lighting expert roaming the planet!! I figure, if a person can't break a few of the decorating "rules" for the holidays, well... there's no fun in that!!

    If someone likes colored lights, then they should go for it. It really will make the kids and hubby happier...but I'm all for visual quietude. Personally, there's enough stimulation for me at the holidays without having multi-colored's just a personal choice!

    I can't wait to see your tree in all its quiet elegance!

    Linda xox

  8. Great post T. It made me LOL many times.

    I agree on the white lights! I'm fine with it making me a snobby white light elitest. Last year I debated on even putting up a Christmas tree (as we moved in so close to Christmas and we went south for the season). In the end I put up an incredibly hideous fake tree with red LED lights. My god it was terrible! I called it my satan tree as all I could think of were the eyes of demons when I looked at those lights. This year I will put more effort into finding my 'good' decorations.

    PS - The Costco bit was priceless, and I'm just about to renew my membership!

  9. Hi Terri! Thanks for commenting on my posts! I love this tree, and I love the white/silver/green theme. Last year, I thought all the new Christmas decor was so cute- this years trends don't knock me out as much. As for trendiness- I can't afford to redecorate my house every year, so I try to keep a few trendy pieces, and stick with tried and true things that I like for the rest. I can afford to buy new clothes more often so I'll be "trendier" in fashion and more classic in design! Talk to you soon!

  10. What a debate! color vs white- I'm glad I"m jewish and don't have to choose - but I think I like white!!

    Terri - thanks for you sweet comments!!! As always,

  11. dearest Terri,
    I hope that your man is ok with the white lights. v. impt.
    Now have you considered the swedish Christmas tree?
    Just adorn the tree with some twigs and leaves and other things found in nature. v. low cost. does require creativity. Swedes dare to put candles on their tree's. Now that can be a fire hazard.. but mentioned in the spirit of sharing deco ideas.
    And regarding designer handbags!!!
    I think that kate spade had the right idea in the beginning, to design a purse that looked like a "lunch bag"

  12. I vote for white lights on the tree :-)...Go Terri Go!

  13. Hi Terri, apologies for not commenting lately. It's been a whirl wind balancing everything and getting ready for Thanksgiving.

    Anyway, I like the tree you picked and agree with your idea of adding a bit more ornaments, maybe some clear glass ones? Please post pictures when you get it all together.

    :-) Calie

  14. I love white decoration for christmas . it looks so peaceful and pure