Friday, November 09, 2007 just fitted me...

Trapped here in my cloister (i.e. my office), I stop sometimes to visit the internet. This is a window to a world where I sometimes find beautiful things, ideas, words, admire.
I seek things that speak to my soul, that match my tastes. Such things are hard to find, as you know, but you know it when you see it. I love to find an inspiring new shop, an artist who speaks my aesthetic language, new music that murmurs memories and desires, or a blogger who masters the art of the beautifully turned phrase. I visited the Georgia O'Keefe Museum in Santa Fe a few years back. Inside, they played a short film about Georgia in which she said when she moved to Santa Fe "it just fitted me." After years of living in New York, she was finally "home". I love it when I find people and things that make me feel at home.
Papa Stour is a Scottish website I love which features independent Scottish art. I visit it regularly. I've never bought anything as it's rather expensive and what do I really need? But the soft beautiful images and pure talent, coupled with my burning desire to visit Scotland, make my heart sing!

All images courtesy Papa Stour


  1. Terri, I had never heard that story about Georgia O'Keefe. Thank you for sharing it. You have impeccable taste, my dear. Very refined! I think that you may be due for an expensive splurge. :)

  2. Hi Terri, my dear friend! Vee is right! You do have remarkably refined taste! Lovely well-written post and interesting too! I can relate, I too love to find my kindred spirits and feelings of welcome home via blogs, shops, artists. The internet is a great place to escape. I love clicking from here to there to unforeseen treasures out there I never imagined existed! Thanks for bringing some new beauty to my attention! Inspiring!

    I would love to go to Scotland, too, I've traveled to some wonderful places but I think I would love to visit a Scottish castle! Ah, dreaming again!

  3. What an interesting story!!! Long time no hear from!!

    Thanks so much for the comments and your kind, kind words!!! too nice!!!