Thursday, September 06, 2007

Three Things About Me

The lovely Chris at one of my favorite blogs, Just Beachy, tagged me with a request to share three unknown things about me, according to the letters of my middle name. Well, luckily you've been spared all my dark secrets, because I have a simple middle name, Ann. This name was rather common in the 70's, I'm afraid, and not quite as delicious as names these days. But I have grown to love its simplicity and it fits me more each day as I evolve, or should I say devolve, into a less complicated person (or so I aspire...). I have also met many beautiful Ann's.

Here is my list:

A is for Autumn, my favorite season. Autumn speaks to the old soul in me, the romantic, the part that likes quiet, cool weather, wind in the trees, sleeping in a warm bed with the window open and cool air coming in, a warm duvet or blanket under my chin. I prefer wool-sweater-and-jeans weather and I hate summer. I always loved starting school. I love the way autumn looks and how it feels, the gentle way leaves fall and curl, the saturated quiet colors as flowers die, the way things fade. I love the look of trees but mostly when branches are bare and the sky is grey and there is a perfect cool in the air. There's a solemnity in the shutting down of life that speaks to a very deep place in my soul.

N is for New Brunswick, a province on the east coast of Canada where I grew up. I miss it. I grew up in the country, in a small town, beside the river, surrounded by family and love, in a pretty little cottage house with a veranda and a big yard and forest, and always cats and dogs. There were problems in my house, but I survived them and I am strong from my childhood, although there are parts of me still damaged. My Dad was a drinker, and anyone who knows what that is like knows that they make the rules in the house and everyone lives on eggshells and everyone's heart aches all the time. To this day, I have no time for people who are (a) unkind to others or animals (b) hateful for no reason (c) moody and quick-tempered. I am a defender of the underdog, I am compassionate, I am humble, and I am defiant. I think and I feel deeply and the pain of others makes my heart ache because I know what it is like to be vulnerable. My Mom is amazing, and she still holds the world together, mine included. I like to sleep under the eaves in my parents house and revel at how well my life turned out and wonder how it will all end up. Good I pray.

N is for Natural. I don't like things too contrived, too perfect. I don't like anything that is too "done", including people, especially people. I like people who are approachable, who put you at ease, who don't think they are better than everyone. I deplore vanity. I am sensible and can be relied upon for the practical answer. I own a lot of black shoes.
I am the type of woman who doesn't mind wearing a pant suit when all the other women are wearing dresses. I imagine myself a real Kate Hepburn for that - she knew how to be herself and was never apologetic. I march to the beat of my own drummer. I speak my mind and can be frank. But I am not unkind. I don't need everyone to like me, but I love to be loved. I always struggle with dichotomies.. how to be two people at once. If I were really wealthy, I wouldn't be out clubbing or shopping in Monaco. I would be mucking out my barn in rubber boots and riding my horses. I would want to help people more and spend less.


  1. You are awesome! It is so great to get to know people better in this way. And you really did a fabulous job of painting a picture of who you are. I was intrigued!

    I love autumn too. I would much rather wear a sweater and jeans than summer attire. Oh, I better save some things for my blog post, I was tagged as well and need to get on that!

    Have a great evening Terri! Thanks for sharing about yourself! You seem like such a cool person. Wish you were closer so we could hang out!

  2. Beautiful.

    I'm only sorry you don't have more letters in your name.

    much love, xo

  3. I really like your responses! Very great. Fall is a favorite time of mine - I love the temperature changes/fluctuation, leaves on the trees, etc.
    I think I may try out this "three things by middle name" thing :-)
    I agree with Melissa -- if only we were closer!

  4. Great, you express yourself so well, I am going to go back and read it again.
    Really well written and there is a lot I can relate to, I too walked on eggshells whilst growing up because my father drank, it definately made me a stronger person but also vulnerable and sensitive.
    Well done to you.
    Racheal x

  5. What a beautiful post. We have more in common than I thought...

    Where in New Brunswick did you grow up? I lived in Hammond River (near Hampton) and went to school there until High School when we moved closer to civilization. My years in the country I've labelled my dark years for reasons aplenty...

    You should be a writer...I can tell you love it, as do I.


  6. Hi Terri,

    I hope you don't mind me popping by... what a treat to read for a quiet Saturday morning with a good cup of coffee. Thank you. :)

    I love the name Ann, and you're right, it's simple and suits you well. An uncomplicated strength to it. We've picked out Ava for our little girl that will *hopefully!!* be arriving soon for just such reasons.

    Yesterday I ran into your mom and she said that you were coming home - I'm hoping to run into you as well when the time arrives.

    Enjoy the weekend!


  7. I love the Katherine Hepburn image! She was the epitome of individuality with style.

  8. Thank you for playing along, So where in New Brunswick did you live, I too lived there only for a short time, in Quispamsis, I loved it there so small , everyone knew everyone, or so it seemed, lived with a friend and her family and experienced living with an alcoholic father although not my own, on egg shells describes it just right.
    Again thank you .

  9. I admire those who can write with such lucidity & frankness about themselves on a fairly public forum. It says like your description that u are comfortable with yourself. which is a lot. you sound like someone i'd like to like :)