Monday, September 03, 2007

Hydrangeas & A Jewish Wedding

I grew my own hydrangeas for the first time this summer, and cut my first bouquet today. I've heard that cut hydrangeas will often wilt as soon as you put them in the vase, so I tried a technique I read on the internet involving hot water and crushed stems. The more reading I did, the more methods I found. We'll see if it works. Anyone have any tips to keep my bouquet from wilting?

Yesterday David and I attended his father's second wedding, to a Jewish lady. This was my first Jewish wedding ceremony and I loved it. The rabbi was witty and insightful, the ceremony was solemn and beautiful, and I finally understand what "Mazel Tov!" means (this is what the crowd cheers at the end of the ceremony when the glass is broken by the groom - which is actually not a joyous thing, although it seems so, but has deeper meaning about the plight of the Jewish people and the destruction of their temple in Jerusalem, and to recall sadness even in times of bliss).

The whole day was sublime, the food was wonderful, and I met tons of new people. Too bad I had a bad headache the whole day!


  1. Yay, a Jewish wedding! Our weddings are fun, that's for sure. I really like the traditions - were the bride and groom lifted up in chairs during a traditional dance? When my cousin got married, his now-ex slipped off the chair! Luckily they hadn't had her too far off the ground. Maybe that was an omen for their marriage that only lasted a few years, heh.

  2. aspirin. OH, for the Hydrangea, not the wedding. Of course, that may apply as well.

    Anyway, I had the same tree, until last year when my same unable to decorate husband decided to (butcher) trim it, without my knowledge. It no longer exists. There were no, NO seriously branches left on it when I got home. Well, if you count the beautiful ones on the ground around the tree, I suppose, THEN, there were branches.

    Come to think of it, he owes me a Hydrangea tree. I need to make a phone call; now is the perfect time for planting.

    Aspirin, or actually a tsp of bleach YES bleach in a fresh change of water every two days will keep them beautiful. Cut them at a slant. No need to really smash them, as it may shock the system. Good luck

  3. I love hydrangeas, I had a beautiful blue one at my old house. It was HUGE! I had fresh flowers all summer and people knocking at my door asking to buy some! I miss it!

    Sorry about the headache all day. Sounds like a pretty cool wedding, never been to a Jewish ceremony!

    Have a good week, Terri!

  4. oh no sorry to hear that you had a headache, I have had so many days spoilt by a headache.
    I am glad that you managed to enjoy it anyway.
    Racheal x