Monday, August 13, 2007

Recent Acquisitions (with revised photos)

Doukhobor antique fruit-gathering basket, 1915 (willow) from "On A Lark", a phenomenal shop in the neighboring town of Okotoks

Arts & Crafts - inspired Pottery Barn bedside lamp (mica shade), which works with my Mission bed frame...
I've posted only a few photos of the inside of our house since we moved in 8 months ago. Mostly, that's because it's a veritable war zone (er, work in progress) and the moving-in phase isn't really finished yet. None of the rooms seem remotely "done". It takes heaps of time to consolidate two people's lives, move objects around to various rooms to see where they feel right, to acquire the myriad missing elements, and to slowly formulate lofty plans for each room. Plus, I am all about "feel" in a space, and letting things settle in...

But the reality is that nothing will really be "done" for a while, in the decorator sense. As you may have surmised from my recent posts, I prefer a rustic, natural style that is slowly-acquired, slowly accumulated, not too "decorator-ish". It takes a while to build such a space, (if I can even do it). And interesting objects can't be bought en masse from a catalog.

So while we take our time to piece this home together, I thought I'd share a couple of the little items we've recently acquired. In the next couple of months I will post more "inside" photos of our rooms and share my plans and progress. Do stay posted!

Metal art for our garden (tree with birds) from a shop in Black Diamond, a mountain town (sorry for the low light - the evening sun has passed!)

Paper flowers for my wee bathroom, from a craft shop

Bird magnets by Cavallini & Co. which I plan to frame. These are from "Honey B's", a vintage shop in Kensington


  1. I love those bird magnets, they are so nice..and paper flowers , I have always loved paper flowers.

  2. it all looks so great! i love the basket - and the lampshade is great, too.

  3. You are doing great, Terri! You are absolutely right, having your own authentic style does take time and thought, but it is so satisfying to see it come together. Even if it takes forever, which in a sense, it should!

    I love that you are choosing things that have distinction and not just filling rooms at random to get them done. Or to look like every one else's room.

    The end result will be something truly unique to you and that is the best part of all.

    Keep it up! Don't be afraid to show baby steps! I love to see a work in progress!


  4. Hi Terri. These are great items indeed. I also take a long time to choose pieces and add only as things move me.

    Someone once told me that a person should wait a minimum of a year before decorating or even painting a new place - and that eventually the home would tell you what it desires to become. I took this approach in Halifax and believe it or not, the walls seemed to start talking to me! And when I finally settled on a color scheme it was exactly right.

    I like what you said about feeling a space. Home should be about where we've been, who we are and hint at the direction we are going.

    Looking forward to seeing your vision first hand.

    much love, angela

  5. So great, I love your style. When I was still at my family's beach house yesterday, I found myself starting to look at certain objects in different ways, how they were placed, etc. I even took pics in a similar manner to the way you do or choose photos to share (they're on my page, when you click on the "Her Life In A Nutshell - Photos" link on the top right). I was taking the photos and thinking, "Terri would like these!"