Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Some flowers from a recent dinner party.
My Mom was here visiting for 2 weeks but returned home last weekend. Her visit and her company was simply wonderful. I miss her so now that she's left, but I have some wonderful memories, especially memories of her here in our new house. It was her first visit, and since she lives several thousand miles away, it may be the last for a year or two. But now I have memories of her here, to keep me company, and she has context now for all my stories. But more about that later.
I'm lonesome for my kind and lovely Mom (who is great company, like a best friend only better...a best Mom!) but I'm keeping busy with work and our bountiful backyard garden, which is revealing new wonders every day. I will soon post about the garden, shopping for a console table for the living room, and other exciting bits, like choosing paint colours for the office. Oh, and I also borrowed several decorating books from the library, including Pottery Barn's Work Spaces (for office planning) and a gorgeous book published in Spain called Cozy Atmospheres: Bedrooms, which is terribly inspiring and makes me want to do the whole house "rustic" with lots of relaxed, natural materials...I wish I could stop changing my mind about which styles I love most - it's making this nest-building process awfully hard. I keep falling in love with new things...
Decorating Crushes: I am presently in love with feathers and light watery colours, like pale blue, and things from the seaside like driftwood and polished stones. And anything and everything white!
More updates soon.


  1. no, keep going, please. I love brown and robin's egg blue and the rustic stuff. I'm looking at this office in disgust right now. ugh. help

  2. it sounds like so much fun to me! i'm renting, and so have very little control over the decorations of our place. i'll just live vicariously through your feathering the nest :)

  3. Oooh I'm on a "polished river rock" kick myself. I have them in various containers around the house.

  4. I'm glad you are still posting, I was getting worried that we lost you!

    I'm also pleased you got to spend time with your mom, I can't wait until my husbands family gets here in July!!

  5. Gosh, this makes me so sad to read! I can't imagine being that far away from my daughter (she's at camp right now and I'm so depresssed). Why do you live so far from your mom? Will that ever change? Sorry to be a downer, but this makes me so sad for you!!! Life's too short to be without your family. I'm really a downer, sorry!!!!! Your blop is so pretty. I love soft blues and greens, but mostly blues. It's such a restful color to live in, especially in a bedroom.