Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Arrival of Drapes

Along with the civility of spring in the air and flowers everywhere, our bedroom drapes have arrived! They were custom-made at Chintz & Co. And they are resplendent and lovely...
In addition, the new bedding has arrived. I remain conflicted. Partly I want a white, airy, quiet bedroom, and partly, I like the soft copper colour, which is sophisticated and warm and makes a statement.

The first two elements are in place. Now, we will move along (over several months, no doubt) to replace our bedside tables, buy new bedroom rugs, and change the overhead light fixture (which is oddly located in the corner of the room) from something ugly (see photo) to something utterly sublime. There will also need to be things for the walls....

(previous bedding)


  1. very lovely indeed.

    love the new blog look btw. nice photo.

  2. Ooooh gorgeous!!! I personally like the copper bedding, but the white is very spa-like and soothing.

    LOVE the new blog header!!

  3. Thank you two sweet girls for the nice comments. I haven't been blogging much and since I am inspired by home decorating, I decided to slightly switch the focus of the blog to my new passion. Hence the header switch, which is a great photo but nothing really to do with decor. Now, I am just hoping to blog more often. :)

  4. Hi there
    Accidently came across your site when looking for an image of the Old Man River - your photo stood out amongst the water and cliff faces - didn't look much like the Old Man to me - much lovlier!

    I'm writing for two reasons both of which stood out from your blog:
    Firstly, are you still collecting soaps? I live here in the UK and have collected 'natural' soaps for far too long most especially from France - wow! do they make some fantastically natural aromatic ones especially in the rural market place - enough to make you swoon in their fragrance!

    Secondly are you still suffering from your headaches? I'm a qualified complementary therapist and specialise in particular areas of health, one of which is headaches. If you would like some good sound advice do get in contact - no fee attached, just one soap collector helping out another!

    Blessings to you and when are we going to get a 'blog update'!