Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I *love* William Morris wallpaper

From the first moment I saw them, I fell in love with the beautiful, historical wallpaper patterns designed by William Morris (the father of the English Arts & Crafts movement) over a century ago. Not to mention the fact that I'm still longing for a trusty Morris chair.

I'm not sure whether to paper an entire wall or room (say a powder room) in one of these luscious prints or if it would be too busy. Hmmm. Maybe I'll just wallpaper my computer screen or make a little framed art piece?

Aren't the patterns exquisite?! I love them!

All photos below are from http://www.historicstyle.com/ (previously Charles Rupert), a Victoria B.C.-based company specializing in traditional fabric, wallpapers, hardware and so on.


  1. oooh they are so colorful! I like the top one.

  2. i love them! i think my favorite is the second one; but i could see how the first and last would maybe look best on the wall. :)

  3. Yes, indeed they are very lovely! The second is my fav. I suggest starting with a fraimed print, but this is only because I spent many cursed hours in our last house removing very bad 80's wallpaper. Let's just say it gave me an everlasting hate-on for all things glued to the wall no matter how pretty!!!

    Hmmm. You just made me realize that my parents have just such a chair that would be quite amazing if reapolstered. Now, how to get it out here.

  4. those are gorgeous! love them!
    Thanks so much for commenting on my little blog. I love it when I know people enjoy the pics...so thanks again!

  5. And I love them too!