Thursday, February 22, 2007

Because I feel like it

I've always liked this (relatively recent) photo of me, not because I am utterly lovely and amazing in it (she says immodestly), but for a more humble and less vain reason - because I really look happy. And I was really happy. It was a wonderful day in Halifax, with my Mom. The air was grey-blue and cool and damp (it has just rained) and the harbour weather was a little blustery and stormy - my favorite kind of weather! I was happy because I was with my darling Mom (who is in the next photo and who is my best friend) and because I'd just eaten a positively yummy lunch (a seafood casserole/Bouillabaise - which is my almost favorite meal) and had a big glass of wine.

I like the sailboat, the nautical bits, the wind in my ponytailled hair. On a dry Calgary day when my skin is peeling from chronic dermatitis (from chronic lack of humidity in this godforsaken desert), and when things are complicated and yucky in my life, I can look at a photo like this (which I just did) and remember why I am on this Earth: to love people, to eat really good food, and to visit the seaside.

Those are my three top reasons.

And here is a photo of my little sprite, cute-as-a-button Mom (isn't she lovely?), taken the same day at the same location. Note the same fluffy fine hair as me. I surely am her daughter.


  1. I love both photos! And I love the seaside too! I wish it wasn't so far away.

  2. such a beautiful picture.

  3. You're right, she's cute-as-a-button. You both look very happy. Is there really desert in Canada??

  4. Re: desert in Canada

    well, i am not sure if it technically qualifies as "desert" (i'm sure there is a strict definition), but it is arid prairie here in central canada, from manitoba all the way west to the rocky mountains. vegetation is scrubby and low, trees are small (compared to the east and west coast where they grow huge!) and vegetation is also scarce. the air is very dry and rainfall is lower than in the rest of canada. it's kind of like arizona i suppose, but more temperate due to being northern....

  5. matteo 817:38 am

    God bless photograps, they are a miracle.

  6. You are a hot headache chick :)

    And your mom reminds me somewhat of Ron Weasley's mom in Harry Potter, she's precious!