Friday, October 13, 2006


David and I are swamped in house details. This week was spent dealing with home insurance, since that will be required by our lawyer soon.

There are issues related to wiring in the house. The house has some aluminum wiring (as well as copper), which is a fire hazard in the minds of most insurance co's. My research has uncovered that electrical inspectors and Canadian standards say that aluminum is perfectly sound (and still legal) as wiring, but the installation needs to be done correctly. Many insurers require pre-qualifying inspection by an electrician. Sounds easy, but most electricians are unwilling to take the work, as they don't want the liability if there is a future claim, etc.

We have found two insurers willing to insure with their own inspectors coming for a look. Sounds good, but I am trying to nail down our future liability. Will they come and tell us we need to re-wire the whole house (several thousands, and requires gutting half the house!)? Can they drop our policy if we refuse? Is there interim updates that can be done?

So this week, I have talked to about 15 people at 7 insurance co's, plus 5 electricians, our realtor, the Insurance Bureau of Canada, several home inspectors, a couple of colleagues, and our lawyer.

Complex issue and a real headache, literally and figuratively. It will get resolved, eventually, but someone the novelty of the house-purchase is wearing off fast. I am getting sick of talking on the phone and listening to 40 voicemails a day.

Besides that, Biscuit (my cat) is booked into a kennel for the move (which I arranged half of LAST week). But he needs his shots that requires two appointments on two Saturdays in the next 6 weeks, while we also look after (a) Christmas shopping (b) paint colours (c) box collection and packing (d) transfer of utilities (another 3 days on the phone) (e) cancelling of accounts (e) visit to our lawyer (f) visit to the bank (new account), and what else an I forgetting?!

This is exciting, but clouded by all the wretched details. I am spent.

So that's my update. It isn't headache related, but is headache-inducing. Still, we are thrilled, and it will be so nice to finally get into all that beautiful space that we actually own!! We bought an antique oak chair last weekend, and I can't wait to shop for more cool stuff, slowly acquiring the right pieces, etc. It will be great.

Hope you are all well. I will probably not be blogging much before Christmas, but will try to drop a line here once in a while. I am currently overwhelmed. Did I mention I need to get new winter tires in the next month? It never ends. How do people manage with children???? Ok, don't answer that. Like me, you become fat and dishevelled and don't buy any new clothes for 6 months nor work-out, nor get proper sleep. You exist. But still, it is joyous to exist in this crazy world where we are so blessed to have so much. So I'm not complaining, just celebrating the chaos I guess.

Love to you all. Soon, Terri


  1. Anonymous11:35 am

    good luck; I'm excited for you! Your first new home is so much fun, and so overwhelming. Enjoy!

  2. Anonymous4:13 pm

    Hi Terri, This is uncanny : we are considering purchasing a home in Calgary with aluminum wiring too and I am the same age as you. I found your blog today and it was posted one year ago today with similar frustrations. Said house comes with aluminum wiring and my Dad vehemently objects. I have spoken to an Electrical Engineer, an electrician, a fireman who used to be an electrician, a home inspector, our insurance company (who have no problems with aluminum wiring) and been to the Calgary Public Library to research fire hazards for aluminum vs copper wiring as well as googling my little heart out. Everyone seems to have a different opinion. I don't know what to do. What ended up happening with your house and the wiring problem?