Thursday, September 28, 2006


This is wee Biscuit, the orange tabby cat with whom I've shared my small apartment for the past 3 years. I've had him since he was 4 weeks old, so he is a dedicated mummy's boy. Here, he's hiding in his favorite surveillance spot on the little roof that sits adjacent to my balcony. From here, he chases bugs, amuses magpies and neighbours, plays hard-to-get with me, chases falling leaves, enjoys the morning sun, and pretends not to hear when I call. He is innocently afraid of "outside" but the balcony is his little kingdom.

Once we move to our new house, he'll be confused and lost but hopefully will adapt to the new space and freedom. We even have a cat door in the basement, which will be like his own apartment if he likes. And maybe he and David will resolve their conflicts over territory, which have been poorly negotiated in this small space. Maybe some day they will love each other like I love them. Until then...


  1. Anonymous8:57 pm

    oh my!! Too cute!!! what I sweet heart, he's already captured my heart, and that's only from one picture!!

  2. Fantastic picture! He's a beauty!