Wednesday, June 14, 2006

~Truths as I Know Them~

A few years ago, on my birthday actually, I wrote a list of "Truths", which were meant to be insightful, funny, tongue-in-cheek, whimsical, and wise.

I've re-read the list a few times since then, and I still like some of them (which is more than I can say for much of my earlier prose).

The original style I employed was to write something true and then write something contradictory which was also true. The tactic didn't last long and they just became interesting little two-liners (more or less) with a declaration and then a balancing thought or twist.

Here are some of my favorites, and for my headache friends, there are even some on ~pain~


Great wings can give flight
Or they can encumber

You must fall from
To fall into

Pain makes me vulnerable
In my vulnerability, I am my best self and my worst self all at once

Physical pain does not limit itself to flesh and blood
It hungrily consumes my spirit, too

There is no recompense
For the loss of one's self-respect

There are few things I understand
As well as my failures

Being consistently honest
Helps when you need to lie

Pain is a miserable liar
That pretends it has something to teach me

You always get
What's coming to you

People know better.

We give each other lessons
- the ones I give you, I am doomed to repeat
- the ones I receive, I likely won't

You must brace yourself
To soar madly

One can never know
What secrets are kept from them

In my kind of pain, at least there is hope
In some kinds, there is none

We must leave to our will
Those things for which we are unwilling

I know my heart will offer up its answers
Even when unquestioned

If you take your eye off the ball,
It will likely just bounce off your head

Pain deconstructs me, day by day
But it also deciphers me

Maybe my sadness is a past life memory
Of impossible bliss?

To love someone unconditionally
Is to throw one's reckoning to the ground

If you lean into the wind
Be sure to have your wings on

When you climb up, the view is better
But the fall lasts longer

When you make big mistakes
You make smaller ones next time

One should never lie
Without deciding "who to?"

Our armour protects us from myriad things
Most of which is feeling
Least of which is pain

When we dare to dream
We should check if we are sleeping~


  1. that was really neat; i don't know if i should call it a poem, or what, but it was insightful, all the same. :)

  2. Wow, truly beautiful and thought-provoking!!