Thursday, June 01, 2006

Cape Breton....

A quick travel update....

David and I are staying overnight in Baddeck, on lovely Cape Breton Island. The weather is and damp, just the way we like it, with a hint of blue sky and sunshine here and there.

Some brief highlights of the journey to Nova Scotia....a lovely drive along the Sunset Trail, Nova Scotia's north central coast to New Glasgow. The next day we drove around the Cabot Trail and stayed overnight at a delightful, stunningly beautiful, peaceful lodge in Ingonish, called The Keltic Lodge. Dinner was amazing....maritime seafood hotpot, a chocolate mousse cake, wild mushroom appetizers, wine....ahhhh!

My headaches have been very mild, almost non-existent most days. Sometimes I've had back pain and headaches in the late evenings, enough to make me want an early night, but virtually neglible pain in the daytimes....hurrah! So all I need to do now is retire to the maritimes...

Today we drove down the eastern coast of Cape Breton Island, from Ingonish to Louisbourg after crossing a 3 minute ferry ride at Englishtown. Fort Louisbourg was incredible...David and I loved it. It was the first day the staff were in full costume, 18th century french garb. We had the run of the place and staff galore to answer our questions. Plus, amazing molasses cookies. Tonight we're in Baddeck, staying at the Inverary Lodge, another resort, before heading to the Alexander Graham Bell National Historic site tomorrow. Then back east towards New Brunswick. We're hoping to have time for a quick drive through PEI if we catch the ferry on time. Summer season doesn't start until mid-June, so we're finding lots of closed shops and such. Still, it adds to the relaxation, not being able to shop!

Our first few days with my family were wonderful. My Mom is a gem, and everyone loves David. Dad is enjoying our visit and so have my aunts and Grandma. Lots of eating and laughing.

Next week, we're planning more travel. This time, Mom will come along and we hope to visit St.Andrew's, the oldest resort town in N.B. and travel the Fundy (south) coast of N.B. to see the world's highest tides, visit the Fundy park, and the Hopewell Rocks.

This vacation is awesome and restful, despite lots of driving. David is enjoying the sea air, the kind people, and the antiquities. This place has its roots in the 1700's, so there is lots of history compared to much of Canada, plenty of gorgeous old houses, vast estates, and natural beauty. He is falling in love with the sprawling clapboard houses sitting on vast verdant properties, complete with several verandas, flowering trees, and an old-world charm.

Happy Travels....


  1. sounds marvelous! and it's awesome that your headaches are giving it a rest. :) looking forward to hearing more about it all!!

  2. I knew the Maritime Air would do you good! I'm so thrilled that things are going well!

    Can't wait for the rest of the updates!