Thursday, May 18, 2006

Paris Daily Photo

I recently discovered a lovely photo site....Paris Daily Photo.

I lived and studied in Paris for a year during my graduate student days. This site brings back fond memories of that impossibly lovely city. As a starving student, I didn't get to experience the haute cuisine and haute couture that makes Paris famous. But I did walk her streets endlessly and haunted the many museums, cafes, and galleries as often as possible.

This timeless photo is reminiscent of the Paris street scenes shot by photographers like Brassai and Kertesz.


  1. That's a really neat photo, very Euro. Oh to live in Paris. Mind you, with all the people and the madness of near-social anarchy these days, living here close to the Rockies is a nice if not more subdued existence.

    ssszzzzzzzh !

  2. Gee, thanks for another blog obsession ;)

    Sorry I've been away so long, looking forward to catching up!