Sunday, April 23, 2006

A Good Weekend

All in all, it was a good weekend. Of course, mine are ranked by the incidence of headache, not by how much fun I had. Fun. What's that?

On Friday night, David and I went to bed before 11pm, which was absolutely shocking to my system, but necessary as I'd had a brutal week of high-pain level headaches. I slept like a baby and got up at 8am for a dental appointment at 10. What was I thinking when I scheduled that?

But unlike other Saturdays where I sleep in 'til 11 or noon, I actually got something accomplished on Saturday. The day seemed sooooooo long, infinite. Which I guess it is if you actually get showered and leave the house by 9:30am.

I spent Saturday shopping! Almost entirely without a headache (okay, a mild one). Now, unlike most women, I hate shopping. Well, I love shopping, but I hate clothes-shopping for things I need. I enjoy shopping for things I don't need. What I need are some summer dress clothes for work, and I face the usual conundrum of finding intelligent summer clothes that are cool and comfortable for walking to and from the office (40min each way) but don't make me look like Working Girl (suit and running shoes).

I bought a very cool pair of beige and white leather running shoes and a blue cotton skirt. I tried on 400 pairs of pants and found none. Typical. I have a problem with pants. I am not a big woman, but I am shaped like an hourglass, not the ubiquitous cylinder. All pants are made for cylinder people with thin legs, not for hourglass people. So I have a waist that is two sizes smaller than my hips, and I'm tired of taking all my cylidrical pants to a tailor to have the waist taken in 6 inches.

Banana Republic recently introduced a "contour-fit, designed to flatter curves", which I say is about damned well time. Unfortunately, their pants are at least $150 and there is like one style in the whole store with that cut. So I liked one pair, but instead of being a normal beige or khaki, they were this puke brown color which kind of looked like what Biscuit (my orange tabby) barfs up when he expels a wet hairball covered in Iams Hairball Care cat food.

So I left them at the store.

But in my despair, I ended up at Pottery Barn, where I bought David and I an old-fashioned mirror for our future Amazing Home. The mirror is dark wood, about 3 feet long horizontally and about 1.5ft vertically and has a beautifully beveled mirror and brass hooks along the bottom. It is classic and New Englandy.

The rest of the weekend went by too quickly. Last night, we watched "Chronicles of Narnia", which was such a beautiful movie. Today we went to Costco, read the paper cover-to-cover, and had some wonderful meals, prepared by the lovely David.

The weekend was relatively pain-free. Tonight I'm seizing up, probably from sitting in front of the evil computer for so long. My headache is moderate. But thanks to a couple of good sleeps, I am feeling sane for a change.

Tomorrow I have a 5 hour meeting, noon to 5pm. Good Lord. And, the meeting chair has ordered pizza for lunch. Just what I need....a fattening, high glycemic lunch which will put me to sleep while I listen to 5 hours of droning boredom. All I am thinking is I need to get a comfortable chair near the back of the room so I don't have to crane my neck to see the overhead screen for 5h. That is a big headache trigger....craning my wee head. And talking to engineers.

Have a wonderful week! We are going to the Maritimes for vacation in less than 5 weeks. Can't wait to see my darling Mom and show David the place I call home.

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