Thursday, June 12, 2014

Our Wedding: Last Minute Details

With our wedding just over a week away, there are lots of last minute details popping up.  I thought I had it all settled, but some small things are coming undone...

Absent Guests

For example, out of 22 guests, my cousin found out today she cannot come (a last minute work trip)!  So now we have a gaping void to fill at the table (and I'm also so sad she won't be here).  My aunt's also not coming, so we now have space for two!  Want to come to a wedding?

And as the day approaches I am increasingly sad that my (previously...) best friend won't be there.  She has dumped me completely since deciding not to come to my wedding a while back (informing me by email), and she didn't like that I was very hurt about it and said so.  So that all feels painfully sad to me and disappointing, especially as I have so very little close family.  You want your most beloved people around you at a time like this.  And to feel rejected and dumped by someone you love (and who you thought loved you), well, it's just tragic.  I've been dumped without an explanation for anything, including why I've been dumped.  It's just so *petulant child* and so very, very cold.  A ten year friendship tossed out with the trash, despite my repeated offers to remain friends and "get through this", etc.  I have never been so disappointed with any person.

But I guess we must Keep Calm and Carry On, as that exhaustingly inescapable saying goes.  For once, the phrase finally means something to me, and I think it's damned good advice.

So getting back to happier thoughts...

Our Paper Goods

Our final paper goods arrived today from California.  Here is the program cover:
* adore *

And here are some gorgeous place cards:

And we had these charming signs made for the ceremony chairs:

I can't wait to see it all in place.


Today we also had a final meeting with our florist.  

Unfortunately, some of my most coveted flowers are not available at the last minute!

I was so excited to have flowering pieris but she said the recent supply has looked bad, so we're dropping it!
*sorry - not available*

We did find a charming and unexpected flower to add to the bouquet, which adds a vintage feel:  "Blushing Bride" (Serruria Florida), native to South Africa.  

These have an ancient feel, and are in the Protea family.  We're also going to add some tiny wax flowers, as shown:

My bouquet might look a little like this, with peonies and astilbe and white scabiosa and roses, but I've asked for more foliage and some ivory and lots of garden roses to be added.

Our final flowers will be a charming surprise!


After talking to my photographer, I realized I really should have a "wedge" shoe for the outdoor ceremony (otherwise you slowly sink into the ground wearing pointy heels).  

I thought I would rest and relax on Saturday (the first weekend I didn't have anything really "to do" for the wedding).  Apparently now I will be shoe shopping (again).  Ugh.
Ladies Ivory Wedge espadrilles. Style 'Gypsy Queen by ForeverSoles, $189.95
Lovely wedge bridal shoe via Etsy

My gorgeous pointy heels will be worn at the reception I guess, and magically appear in photos as though I had them on the entire time!

Rain Plan

We even discussed a rain plan for the ceremony, so that's settled!

I love this photo
Photo:  Melissa Miller

Have a happy weekend, dear friends.  

When you next hear from me, I'll be a (so very happily) married woman!

xo Terri


  1. I'm so excited for you, Terri! And so sad about your friend. How heartbreaking to lose a friend and not even understand why you lost her.

    Your paper goods are exquisite! And I think your bouquet is going to be amazing. I can hardly wait to see your pictures.

    Congratulations, my dear! May your wedding day be everything you've dreamed it could be.


    1. Thanks Denise. You're an angel and always so supportive. Your kindness means a lot right now. Thank you.
      x Terri

  2. So exciting Terri! Everything is going to be beautiful for sure. Sorry to hear about the situation with your friend--so hurtful. Looking forward to seeing your wedding pics once you are settled. Enjoy and best wishes to you and David!


  3. Though we don't know each other, I've enjoyed reading about your wedding preparations and am excited and happy for you. I hope the day is everything you've dreamed of, and wish you and your beloved a long and happy life together as husband and wife.

  4. I love your place cards and all your lovely choices. It's all going to be so wonderful. I'm sorry about your friend. My guess is that your wedding triggered something deep and unresolved in her own life. This really is about her, not you.

  5. Super excited for you both Terri ~ CONGRATULATIONS!

  6. have you heard of those heel caps? they are like plastic things that go on the bottom of a heel and have a flat disc on the bottom so there is none of that sinking. good luck on your search, i am sure this is the last thing you wanted to worry about.

  7. I can't believe it's a week away -so sorry you have to have this cloud over your wedding but they do tend to bring about relationship drama, no? You find out who your true friends are.
    LOVE the paper - so amazing! Can't wait to see how it all comes together. Have a FABULOUS time and remember to enjoy every moment! xo

  8. Your wedding will be pure loveliness. I'm sorry for the drama with your (former) friend. Petulant child is a great description. Have a most wonderful celebration of your love and congratulations to you and David. Wishing you much joy.

  9. So excited for you as your big day approaches! Sorry about what has transpired with your friend. That's a shame. Maybe she felt exposed and hurt when you posted about her plan to not attend your wedding and can't get past it. Perhaps after some time of healing, you'll reunite. Meanwhile, enjoy your wedding day. Savor every minute of it and go with the flow!

  10. Best wishes foe a terrific day Terri and an especially blessed life together. Don't keep us waiting too long to see it all!

  11. I adore all of your plans and I'm sorry you have important people missing but the most important one will be there your husband. So take a deep breath and step back and try to enjoy the details. So lovely.God bless you Terri

  12. Anonymous10:47 pm

    Your wedding day will be so lovely Terri. All your care, thoughtful planning and the beautiful personal detailing that has gone into it, as well as your and David's hearts and the joy of your guests, will all make it so. Come the day, all will fall into place and most happily, you and David will be married, what joy:)! Any trials or disappointments, you will see, will fall away. I wish you and David every happiness in this week leading up to your wedding day- every blessing and love, Elizabeth xo

  13. Hi Terri,
    Although I've been lost in the land of "house building", I have by no means stopped reading your blog. It's actually one of the few that I've been able to keep up with but sadly haven't even had the time to comment on. This project has taken over our lives but is due to be finished soon. Anyway, I am so thrilled that you will be celebrating your wedding day, oh so soon and as I've seen all your preparations via your blog, I know it's going to be ever so elegant and special. It's your "friends" loss that she will not be there to share in your happiness. Strange how these things happen, but there is always a reason and we may not see that reason for some time. I know you and David will have a dream wedding and I can't wait to see the photos. Full steam ahead dear one, shoulders back, chin up and smile from your heart. Wishing you a blessed day.

  14. Those flowers are gorgeous! Such a perfect tie in with the color you added to the invitation. What a beautiful color. I guess you can't control nature but I'm sure they final bouquet will be lovely. I can't wait to see them.

    And what's up with this ex-friend. What a selfish bitch. Don't let it bring you down. Best to have real loved ones there.

    1. Maybe the ex-friend is jealous? I agree - don't let it bring you down!

  15. Enjoy these special moments, Terri. Everything will be beautiful! Yes, Tom and I will come :) I can't wait to see the wedding photos. Wishing you and David the very best!! Cheers, L

  16. All you need is David. Weddings don't always bring out the best in folks. Yours looks amazing..the typeface you used is perfect.
    Your technical background shows in your attention to the details. It will be beautiful so take time to enjoy it all, and post pictures!

  17. The big day is almost there!! Your preparations are so beautiful. Love the flowers and paper work. Wishing you all the best and enjoy your wedding day!! ( I have been following your blog for some time now, but never left a comment :))

  18. congrats terri and david! cannot wait to see the images of your celebration and hard work

  19. Roxanne Joy12:41 pm

    Very first time I have been on your blog... I work& try to squeeze as much in on my lunch/breaks... but I will definately be your freind. :) I will try to catch up with the history on your blog... May the Lord Bless you and your hubby on your beautfiul wedding day & life together...and many joys to are beautiful as your are... Smile... you are in LOVE....