Monday, April 15, 2013

Beauty & Sadness

My dear friend M. sent me this photo from near her home in Victoria today.

She is an excellent photographer (especially portraiture) and lives in a beautiful city, which adds to the perfection of her photos:

I think the colours are so lovely.  What a perfect photograph!

I feel very sad for the people in Boston who lost their loved ones today, and for those who are injured.  What a rotten thing.  I can only begin to imagine their loss and worry.

The world is a funny place - full of so much beauty and misery that I feel sometimes like my heart will break.  The older I get the more depth of emotion I feel on both fronts - so delighted with life and sometimes so utterly worn out by it.

As my meditation teacher says, I must greet each with equanimity.  Some days, this is very hard to do.

The first thing I thought about when hearing about Boston was our dear blogger friend Steve.  Isn't it amazing that the blog world brings strangers so close to our hearts?

I hope you and yours are well tonight.


  1. Terri, Thank you so much for your condolences for my mom. Yesterday was such a terrible day. My son was at the finish line of the Marathon but he left at 2 pm. We didn't know that until we finally got cell phone connection at 4:30 pm. My cousin's son was also at the finish line and couldn't find his friend so he left about an hour before too.
    I thought of Steve too. The world can feel very small on a day like yesterday. Michele

    1. OMG, are you serious? You must have been worried sick. What a week you have had. Thank goodness they are both okay. How very terrifying that must have been.

  2. It certainly was a shocking, sad day. I think that I understand what you mean/your teacher means about keeping an even keel on both good and bad days. For one thing, things are not always what they seem and we find ourselves in a waiting game for answers. Evil takes a great toll. Imagine my shock also to learn that one of my daughter's dearest friends was running yesterday. She made it to mile 25.5 by the time of the blast so was out of harm's way. We shudder to think what it would have meant for her family...a mother with two little boys. Then my nephew is hospitalized in Boston for a completely different reason, but the afternoon and evening was very stressful for him and the family as the hospital staff was under such stress.

    Now that photo is a antidote for some of the world's calming and so very beautiful.

  3. Thank you for thinking of me. As sad and as scary as it was to have something like this happen in your own city, I was comforted and my heart was warmed by e-mails that literally came from all over the world. Bloggers make the world a smaller and much better place!

  4. One of my husband's co-workers from here in Victoria crossed the finish line just 2 minutes before the blasts. It took awhile for her to be able to contact her family as the cell towers were jammed with calls.

    Equanimity yes. But never apathy. If we didn't feel these emotions, we would be much worse off, I fear.

  5. Terri, I thought of Steve also. The blogging community is unique. I find myself thinking of many blogging "friends" whom I have never met. I am also praying for all those injured, killed and suffering from yesterday's senseless attack. So very sad.

  6. Terri,
    It is indeed very sad, senseless and so sick. I hope they find the terrorist(s) quickly. I'm confident they will. My thoughts and prayers are with the families and people of Boston, where I lived briefly. Such a tragedy!

  7. Anonymous2:10 am

    God.......Oh dear God.......

    All of our hearts are with you in is so shocking that there is EVIL like this in our world......

    Our hearts are with all of you!

    Please know this!!