Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Vacation Post #1: DC Blogger Party with Eddie Ross!

I know I am absurdly late writing about this party, but hey...I just got back from two weeks vacation!

If you haven't read about it here or here or here (among other places!) you should know about the wonderful, astounding, lovely and altogether-perfect party that Michele of My Notting Hill threw on September 18th for Eddie Ross and Jaithan Kochar at her lovely home in Arlington!!

Here is the hostess with the mostest, Michele, with Eddie Ross himself (Jaithan was in the kitchen!):  
David and I just happened to be travelling to Washington DC the week of Michele's party and several months ago I happened to mention this to her in an email.  To my delight, she invited me to her DC blogger party, which was attended by an astounding array of talented DC-area designers, bloggers, writers, and decor-lovers. It was a total coup to attend this party!  And who wouldn't love meeting Eddie and Jaithan?

Here I am with Eddie, my new BFF: 
Eddie is positively delightful and witty, insanely talented, has wonderful opinions and is handsome and blonde and stylish!  Who could ask for more?!  I wish I'd had more time to pick his incredible brain about design and what he loves and hates.  He has amazing talent, wit, and wonderful opinions - I like nothing better than that combination in a person!

Next here I am with Michele, who is the most gracious hostess:  
Michele is a relaxed, easy-going and super smart lady with a great design mind.  She was so welcoming...I felt totally at home in her house, which she shares with her marvellous husband Dan (the amazing chef du jour) and two beautiful, well-mannered children!

Michele has a really beautiful house that she has not shown us nearly enough of!  I loved her style and wished I had stolen a few snaps of her exquisite decor.

One of the highlights of my evening was meeting Lauren from Pure Style Home.  Here she is with her good friend Eddie:  
Lauren was exactly as I expected.  Not only is she beautiful, but also funny and kind and charming and self-deprecating and oh-so-talented.  I felt like I've known her forever!  If I lived closer to Lauren I would say to heck with decorating and just hire her!  Her husband Dave was also soooo nice - smart, handsome, articulate, and a real DIY god!  They are a perfect pair!

Here we are, me and my decor hero:
Here's another handsome pair: Bob Murphy from the ever-fascinating blog Homer's Odd Isn't He and lovely Linda from Haven on Hanover.  
Bob is a fascinating fellow (and I didn't talk to him nearly long enough), and Linda is such a sweet and interesting lady.  She and her husband Dave (an engineer!) are renovating a great old home in Richmond, which she is currently documenting on her wonderful blog.   She also works for a great design firm and shares her talents on her blog!

Here is a photo of Linda's husband Dave and I having a rare engineering conversation:
(photo from Bob Murphy)

And here are a few more of the usual suspects:
From left to right are Jenn (Department of the Interior), Michele our hostesss, Linda, Bob, Eddie, and Pat from Pat's Addition. It was also great meeting Jenn, whose list of Georgetown shops I followed very closely while shopping that afternoon!

Here are a few more party-goers:  Eddie and Jaithan are next to Beth from Chinoserie Chic (who was so funny as she told me how much she hates the white, spare interiors I love!)  Beth was wearing a great dress but I have forgotten the designer!  To the right of Jaithan is Meg from Pigtown Design, with her sister-in-law Gabi (who was very sweet).  Meg is such an interesting lady and I wish I'd gotten to chat with her longer - she has such a sweet manner, a great mind for design, and a superb blog!
I actually had a great long chat with Jaithan, who is smart, handsome, stylish and also has talent to spare! He and Eddie are a real dynamic duo, and I was honoured that Jaithan took so much time to chat with me about their projects and perspectives.  He is a very sweet fellow. 

Here are the same folks, along with Thomas from My White Shirt (on the right) who was so nice!
Here is the talented Stefan from Architect Design (who I chatted with over asparagus and pork roast) and the ever-lovely Meg:
The redhead, blonde, brunette trio:  Jenn, moi, Michele:
Bob with his very funny friend, along with our Linda:
Trouble in the kitchen:  Jaithan, Beth, me and Meg
Jaithan and Eddie are a wonderful couple and I wish them great success with their endeavours!

I also loved meeting the beautiful and talented blogger Leila from In the Tweeds, and her Mom Sue who gave me some great sightseeing advice.  I wish I'd gotten a photo with them!

Michele and Dan threw a wonderful party and I cannot thank them enough. I had such fun and felt like I was with family.  I've never been in a room with so many people I already love!  I felt like everyone "got me" and it was such a treat to spend the evening with kindred spirits, brilliant talents, and to drink Michele and Dan's wine.

A perfect evening!


  1. I saw photos fo this event over on one of the other guest's blog (lauren's, I think?) and was so excited to see you, one of MY favourite bloggers there! I couldn't believe it! I was very excited...

    You look gorgeous, as ever, and I know you would have shared your great Candian design perspective with all the others!

    Great post, Terri!!

  2. Terri- we felt the same way about you guys!! It was SO great meeting you & entirely too short!! I know we have a "Canada trip" sometime in the future coming to see all of my mother-in-laws places so we'll have to drop in on you then. I just loved meeting you & you are as sweet & funny & energetic in person as you are on the blog. You crack me up!!
    HUGE hug! I'll talk to you soon!!!!

  3. What a terrific post! Thanks for all the comments - I will definitely pass yours on to my kids! I was so happy that your vacation plans and this party worked out. After the party it was sad to realize you live 3000 (?) miles away. You know we love Canada at our house - maybe someday we'll meet up there. I love how bloggin makes the world smaller!

  4. Yay! I'm so glad to see your recap post (I think the magic of the "tan camera" still comes through in black and white.)

    It was so great to meet you and I can't wait to see the rest of the pics from your vacation!

  5. It was such fun to meet you both! I love all of the things that blogging has opened in my life!

  6. Looks like fun! :0) I'm so glad you had a wonderful vacation, and can't wait to hear more about it :0)

  7. Looks like a wonderful party...great pictures.
    The picture of you and Eddie Ross is a great one,frameable... must have been fun talking to other bloggers. All my friends have no idea what I am talking about and have no interest...looking forward to more blogs about your vacation...
    Regards, Carol Ann

  8. Beautiful images! Lots of fun! And how nice to meet blogger friends too!

  9. Excellent post! Excellent! Thanks so much for the mention and for taking a great photo for me and my blog. You and your partner are not only open but also easy going. I enjoyed having time with each of you. Be well and stay in touch!

  10. Terri - lucky you! It looks like you had the most fabulous time. Have a lovely weekend. Leigh

  11. We're bummed that we couldn't connect in Richmond. It was so so great to meet you guys in D.C. Can't wait to read the rest about your vacation thru the mid-Atlantic and hope that our physical paths cross again soon. Love,

  12. What a great post! The friendships that have developed over miles and miles through common interests and blogging just continues to amaze me! Looks like a great party and it was neat to be able to put faces to some of my favorite bloggers. Thanks so much for sharing!

  13. P.S. LOVE the quote by Anne Lamott at the top of your blog - she is one of my favorite authors.

  14. Hey - I would have flown up to DC for this event! It looks marvelous, and I love the black and white photo perspective - tres elegant.

  15. Anonymous7:33 pm

    You are to Sweet!!!! Jaithan and I had so much fun meeting you!!! We have to do it again soon!
    Eddie + Jaithan

  16. Terri-
    How wonderful that you could be there too!
    So great to put faces with the blogs.

  17. Oh Eddie Ross has such a wonderful smile, love it!

    canvas art

  18. Oh wow looks like everyone had a wonderful time, hope to hear from you all soon!

  19. Looked like so much fun, really nice pictures as well!

  20. Brilliant post, looks like you had a wonderful meet up!