Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Wedding Capes & Cover-ups

Okay, I lied.  I am writing again about my wedding.  My very own wedding.  

I have to admit, I am a little worried about boring my decorating readers with endless wedding talk, so I have hesitated to write much here.  Please tell me when you've had enough.

Since I'm wearing a strapless dress in the end, I've been toying with the idea of a pretty cover-up for evening photos, and possibly for my reception.  I've learned that the possibilities are endless.  Of course, I cannot find exactly what I'm looking for, but it has been fun looking.

These two lovely capelets are from P31StitchLounge on Etsy:

This little vintage jacket isn't my colour but how adorable.  It's from saffronvintage on Etsy.  I would remove the collar and add a large flower or broach:
vtg HOWARD GREER lace ribbon nude silk chiffon illusion bolero jacket

I'm not really a feathers and lace kind of girl (although I wish I were).  These two capelets would certainly make me the center of attention.  Now, where are my cigarettes and gloves?  These beauties are both from ruth milliam on Etsy:
Stunning Amie ostrich feather cape with antique lace, pearls and 1920's style bead work

Flo White Fox fur cropped Jacket with Antique lace, feathers & vintage black beaded detail on the back.

I am also fond of this velvet cloak, but it looks too warm for June (from Roselein Rarities on Etsy):
Vintage 1950s jacket, black velvet swing coat, wedding cover

Or one can always go for simplicity and do the Kate Middleton angora sweater look (from ufer on Etsy):

In the end, I really want a short pale taupe or gold cardigan with sequins or sparkle of some form.  But I cannot find one for the life of me.  So in the end, I just might have to 
go with the feathers...

Happy week!  xo Terri


  1. I don't think anyone will tire of looking at lovely wedding ideas.

  2. I love your wedding posts! Can't wait to see your wedding photos.

  3. i adore your wedding posts terri, who would not? we can re-live "our" day via you

  4. Really nice, we love weddings!!

  5. I'm never going to tire of your wedding posts, Terri. They are all fun to read and you have great ideas and excellent taste! I love all of your choices above. I'm not a feathers and lace girl either, but wouldn't that be fun to wear if you were?


  6. I'll whip you something up with doilies and pearls made of felted cat hair. Or the lace vintage gig would work too although I think it should a little bit shorter.

  7. I won't get tired of wedding talk. So much fun! Love the capelet idea. Have you thought of having someone make something to your specifications?

  8. Anonymous4:55 pm

    I also never tire of anything about weddings. I love all of your ideas. You really do have discriminating taste and that is why it takes so long to find just the right thing. It will all come together and when it is over you will remember what it took to get it the way you wanted--- this could be your winter of discontent. It will all be worth it on the big day!
    Susan in Charlotte N.C.

  9. I can see you in something velvet......I'll keep an eye out for a cardigan, I love shopping on line these days

  10. Not boring at all, Terri. Write about what interests you and it will be genuine and interesting to us! Wedding plans are always fun. Keep them coming!

  11. Loved looking at your cape selections Terri, there is something so romantic, chic and even a little playful about a cape, even the word 'cape' is nice! A little sparkle and sequins sounds a beautiful choice for you. Please keep your wedding details coming, it's lovely to read and share in your plans and imaginings for your big day. I love a wedding and yours will be beautiful!

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  13. You will be the center of attention by definition and gorgeous for sure. I love your idea of removing the collar from the vintage tidbit.

    I missed this post and for the life of me have tried to add your blog and a few others to my blogroll but blogger will have none of it. :(

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